“The Spanish government has urged the judiciary to respond to the behavior Pokdemon

– In the Council of Ministers of Spain stated that it did not consider it necessary to respond to the refusal by ex-chief Executive of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon to recognize the legality of his ouster, said on Saturday newspaper El Pais.

A source in the government of Spain explained that in Madrid based on the fact that Pujdeme longer performs managerial functions, “and how to understand his behavior, should be dealt with the judiciary.”

Earlier on Saturday dismissed the government of Spain Putteman said that does not recognize the order.

“In a democratic society the function of the choice of the government are performed by the Parliament (and not the Cabinet of Ministers of Spain – if)”, – he explained during a televised address.

Pujdeme pledged to continue peaceful struggle for the independence of Catalonia. According to him, for this he is ready to use exclusively democratic means.

“We don’t believe in a military solution. We will continue to work on the construction of a free country,” he explained.

As reported, the Spanish government has previously dismissed the regional government of Catalonia and dissolved the Catalan Parliament, then Madrid took over the management of this Autonomous community.

October 1, Catalonia held a referendum on independence, which were actually broken by law enforcement authorities in Spain and was accompanied by mass unrest, which led to numerous victims. However, about 90% of the referendum participants voted for independence from Spain. The constitutional court of Spain, declared the vote unconstitutional.

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