The wreckage of a Russian Mi-8 was found 200 metres below the Svalbard

The wreckage of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter that went missing Thursday in the area of the Spitsbergen archipelago, presumably, found. Norwegian rescuers announced the discovery of parts of the victim’s wrecked car at the bottom of the sea.

photo: EMERCOM of Russia

“Discovered the wreckage of the missing Russian helicopter at a depth of 209 meters,” the local press quoted a statement made on Sunday at the rescue centre of Northern Norway.

One of the representatives of the centre Frode Iversen stated that currently, specialists check, whether the fragments found belong to the missing helicopter.

It is reported that the wreckage was found last night during search operations with the use of underwater vehicles and sonar on the ship.

Helicopter Mi-8 with Russians on Board, owned by a Russian company crashed on Thursday evening. According to preliminary data, in the conditions of bad weather, a car fell into the sea. Eyewitnesses reported that they heard the sound of the blades, which suddenly disappeared.

To the crash site were sent a rescue helicopter and several boats. Currently, Svalbard and the Russian rescuers.

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“There was a video exploration of the space of the crash of Mi-8 in the Greenland sea”


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