“Three people were injured by gunfire in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine

– Police are searching for the unknown, which started shooting in Pervomajskij, Kharkov region of Ukraine, injuring three passers-by.

“The police established that the victims were in the town of Pervomayskiy, at the shopping stalls, where, for unknown reasons, unknown persons have carried out in their direction in the event of shooting… the scene police seized the sleeve 223 REM and a gas bottle “Pepper-4”, – reports the GU Department of communications of the national police in the Kharkiv region.

18-year-old victim was hospitalized with non-penetrating gunshot wounds to the chest and a gunshot wound to the thigh. 28-year-old man received a penetrating gunshot wound in the thigh, and 19-year-old young man was a gunshot wound of the lower leg. According to the information of the medical condition of victims is estimated as satisfactory.

The police carries out operational-search actions for establishment and detention of the person who opened fire.

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