Why the graduates of Russian universities can’t find work

Our rectors like to boast that their graduates have no problems to find a job. Even the first one. However, according to some experts, up to 80% of graduates experiencing enormous difficulties with finding their first job. Universities want to know what to adjust in the process of learning to meet employer the products of their pedagogical work.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Sad but true: students and employers differ in almost everything. For example, the most popular among students, according to the observations of rectors, are still such a degree of higher education like Economics, management, journalism, social Sciences and construction. Meanwhile, the most popular among employers are professionals in the fields of IT, energy, robotics, Metalworking and mechanical engineering. And so throughout, wherever you look.

Own life, nothing associated with the needs of the economy for which they work, often living and universities. Their courses are dry and behind the times by 10-20 and even 30 years, and practical skills and competencies of their students, no one does. It is not surprising that, according to some estimates, up to 80 percent of graduates have tremendous difficulty finding work.

Meanwhile, today’s employer has a clear idea of what a successful graduate: “This is a good basic education; developed soft-skills or qualities such as leadership, creativity, ability to work in a team; entrepreneurial thinking; the timely receipt of required skills; General communication of the University with the employer”. And the student also begins to integrate into the system. In the first place it is not money a few years ago, and the opportunity for career and personal growth, not only on a “real” job after graduation, but at the part time while studying.

Over the past five years, the preferences of students in search of work has changed, — said the Director of development of student potential at the Higher school of economy Pavel Zdorovtsev. — If previously, they would mainly additional financial security, now while studying at the University they want to experience, because otherwise you are employed at a good place. In this last years they are even willing to work for free. The same pattern is evident when seeking employment after University. In the first place — 86% — an interesting job, opening opportunities for self-fulfillment. Waiting for the big salaries went to second place at 74%. Thus, growth and development for students were more important than starting salaries. Today they choose not money, but opportunities for growth.

All this clearly suggests that the universities it is time to reorient its work with some speculative purposes quite real. And which one is more important than the demand for graduates from employers!?

Among possible ways, he told “MK” the rector of the Ural Federal University Victor Koksharov, new for Russia direction of universities as teaching students the art of self-presentation and innovative entrepreneurship by immersion in an innovative environment; creation of joint base chairs and educational centers at the enterprises; organization of student practices in the factories where they will go to work. The main thing — “to tie the whole learning process with practical needs, including to invite to teach at universities employees, and also to connect student projects with the specific problems of interest to a particular company. In other words, the full interaction with the real sectors of the economy.”

However, in the field of secondary vocational training this principle is already being implemented: no wonder, at the recent world championship on working competencies in Abu Dhabi, the Russian team got 11 medals, including 6 gold, plus 21 medallion for professionalism.

— It was only our third world championship level. So while we were going, we expected to win at least one medal in the road began to hope to get at least one gold, but in the end got the win in the team event! It is a great achievement that we still conceptualize it! — shared with the “MK” the General Director of the Union of WorldSkills Russia Robert Urazov. But the modernisation of the str system is already underway! This year’s demo exam almost at the level of WorldSkills held 14 thousand children. The important thing is to change not only technologies and standards, but the steady tendency of our system software, developing decades. Including among teachers and management of colleges and society as a whole!

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