“A British magazine called Ukraine a likely buyer SAM “Wasp” Jordan

– Jordan due to the lack of funds for modernization has decided to resell the armament of its army air defense mobile anti-aircraft missile complexes “Wasp” of Soviet production, reported by the specialized British weekly Jane’s.

According to a source publication, “five countries and companies have expressed interest in acquiring these systems.” Among them are, in particular, “the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and one of the American companies.”

It is alleged that SAM “Wasp” still operated in the composition of the army air defense in Poland and the Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Russia and Belarus have repeatedly offered Jordan their own versions of modernization of its military defense, and in particular, SAM “Wasp”, but, according to Jane’s, Amman refused them because of lack of funds.

SAM “Wasp” adopted by the Soviet Army in 1971. He has been through several upgrades. Firing range – up to 10 km and flight Velocity of the rocket to 1.5 M (Mach-speed of sound). Is in service with the army air defense in almost 20 countries.

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