Actress Anokhin said of the robber: he was stalking me on bent

An unidentified robber attacked the actress of the Theater. City Council Olga Anokhin last Saturday in the South-West of Moscow. The robbery lasted a few minutes on a completely deserted street, the attacker is still being sought.

photo: a frame from the video

The actress that night returned home after the performance of “Baden-Baden”, where she played aunt Kapitolina Markovna. Around 22.00 the woman got into the car and drove to the station “University”. Olga came to the city in the direction of Leninsky Prospekt and the output stopped at an ATM to withdraw money.

— I was planning to go on the way home to the store and took 2100 rubles, — told police the actress.

This setback, according to law enforcement authorities, and attracted the attention of the attacker to his future victim. A prominent woman at the ATM who was dressed in a brown suede jacket and was holding a bright red leather French bag, the robber brought the idea of the attack. Money and card Olga put it in his pocket and went towards the house. On the street of Builders the woman turned around and saw her sneaking a man.

— He followed me on bent. His face could not see, but I noticed that he was dressed in all black, jacket covered legs to the hips, and it was thick and jet black hair, — said Olga.

According to her, the robber, not saying a word, just grabbed his bag and began jerkily to snatch it. After a short struggle, he managed to seize the bag, ran away and disappeared behind a construction fence on the spot repairs on the road. Chase it, Olga did not dare, and after a few minutes after the attack called the police from the phone of a passerby. The stolen bag was 11 thousand rubles, which the actress has set aside for the purchase of jackets, the phone “Samsung” which had all the valuable contacts, memorable photos and Inbox women, and the biggest loss — almost all documents: passport, driver’s license, insurance, medical and pension papers. In total, the damage it was estimated at 21 thousand rubles.

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Olga E. Anokhin , a Russian actress and theater Director, honored artist of Russia. In 1977 he was accepted into the troupe Theater. The Moscow city Council. Starred in films “the Barber of Siberia”, “Be my husband”, “Military field novel”.

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