Alexander Ovechkin helped the canadian to a homeless person: gave warm clothes

In a series of events of the week in the NHL one does not play, as it often happens, could go unnoticed. The forward of club of NHL “Washington capitals” and Russian national team Alexander Ovechkin has helped the homeless in Edmonton, Canada. Hockey gave him a warm jacket and hat. The news came by chance.


First the message about the act of a hockey player appeared in the microblog of the local café: “I Saw Alexander Ovechkin took a winter jacket and hat and gave them to a homeless man on the street”, — told the workers of Sequel Cafe, who witnessed the generous step of the athlete.

We saw The Alex Ovechkin take off his winter jacket and hat and give it to a homeless man he passed on the street. Wow! #gooddeeds

— The Sequel Cafe (@TheSequelCafe) October 27, 2017

Later information was confirmed by the wife of Ovechkin. As it turned out, Alexander had told her of the incident. Correspondence about this Anastasia has published on his page in Instagram. She then removed the photo, but it is preserved in the screenshots subscribers.

“Who bought a homeless hat, a sweater and a warm jacket. It’s cold out here, and he is without clothes. I felt sorry for him,” wrote Alexander to his wife. “Good,” she praised him. “I appreciate my husband” — said Anastasia.

Ovechkin”s wife posted a convo with Ovechkin about this. He told her he bought the man a hat, sweater and jacket. Felt bad because it’s cold

— Isabelle Khurshudyan (@ikhurshudyan) 28 Oct 2017

We managed to talk to the mother of captain “capitals”, the Soviet basketball player, two-time Olympic champion Tatyana Nikolaevna Ovechkina. Here is how she commented on the good nature of the son:

— He is kind and sympathetic man. I am very pleased and proud of my boy in all respects — and as an athlete and as a person. Alexander was so in childhood. He just loves life, loves people. We must help them in life.

Ovechkin has long been involved in charity work, often not making it public. Athlete helps orphanages in various regions of Russia, takes part in charity matches and donates private funds to help vulnerable or in difficult circumstances.

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