Brought to the United States from Russia of the Amur Tiger was put to sleep

The Russian tiger, went in July this year from the Moscow zoo to the zoo in the U.S. Denver was killed. Three-year-old Raptor was euthanized by local veterinarians because of the eruption of his disease.


According to The Denver Post, citing Deputy head of the veterinary of the American city of Denver, Colorado Scott Larson, the zoo staff had to euthanize the Amur tiger Martina, brought from Russia. Specified, because the predator is seriously ill.

“27 Oct veterinarians sedated brought to July 1 in Denver Russian tiger… Vets have noticed that after over a period of acclimatization, the predator became lethargic and lost appetite. 22 Oct, tiger was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of leukemia,” the statement reads.

Larsen said that the tiger didn’t even get to see the locals.

“The disease progressed too quickly. Cancer cells were discovered in his blood, bone marrow and spleen. The decision was made to euthanize Martin… Before you expose the animal to euthanasia, Martin had assembled the reproductive material for potential future use… It’s a huge blow for us and our colleagues – the loss of such a beautiful and majestic animal,” – said the Deputy head of the local veterinary.

Martin tiger was three years old. He was born in the Moscow zoo in June of 2014 in Russia was called Umar. Before sending in the U.S. the animal was thoroughly examined by Russian specialists. Veterinarians have not found any deviations in health.

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