Chaplin in the video cursed the Russians for “Matilda”

Being punished all the people who failed to defend the faith from disturbing her film. Such a prediction was made by the former official representative of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. Talking about “Matilda”, of course. The film in wide release, the priest was considered such a terrible sin that he invariably must be followed by punishment.


“Committed national sacrilege. The curse of God will fall on all who took and promoted the blasphemous movie … at all, who approved its distribution across the country … all of us, on our people, which is blasphemy did not stop and made. Let your arrogant smug laughter will be replaced by bitter tears, let your cinematic outfits will be replaced by mourning” – says Chaplin (as they say looked a picture non-professional audience, the costumes and scenery – this is what makes the movie; about the erotic scenes speak less enthusiastically).

The speech he utters, staring into the camera (that shoots the close-up face). Lowers his eyes, only when he says a line from the Bible (apparently, the correct quote).

By the way, the video was added to the Network at the end of the week, but the virus did not (fed up the theme) and in “wide release” out now. But does not lose relevance.

“The word of God is immutable. Do not be fooled. God is not mocked”, – admonishes Chaplin. And whether prophesies, or encourages the priest: “God’s punishment Yes is the answer.”

Punish all, said the Archpriest. He says the punishment will be followed for creators and for those who are “indifferent, talkradio, timidly looked”.

Supporters Chaplin tried to reason with fellow citizens and informed. The spectators at the premiere was met with icons and messages, trying to persuade to change their mind and repent. Before the official screening of some of the most aggressive-minded citizens threatened the cinemas, sometimes even set on fire, and wrote slander on the filmmakers.

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