Coming out Kevina spacey: Hollywood has covered the epidemic of revelations

Double-Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Kevin spacey has admitted that he is gay. In this he was helped by another actor Anthony RAPP, who told us that in 1986 at the age of 14 years became the victim of dirty groping hands of a drunk Kevin. It was directly in the bedroom, the spacey during a party at his house where under age wandered an aspiring artist RAPP and his comrades…

Kevin Spacey. Photo: twitter@KevinSpacey

In response, spacey readily apologized to a Junior colleague “for inappropriate drunken behavior.” The proviso that although has no memory of that fateful night, or the RAPP, but could theoretically be anything, because all these years, he slept with both men and women. But now finally embarked on the path of a gay man.

Looks like a vintage virus (boom at things from grandma’s chest) penetrated the sexuality of Hollywood. Otherwise where did they get this Saturday night fever 30 years ago? In recent days, the recognition and exposure in retrocomputers fell one after the other. Detail from the series “I remember”.

“I was watching TV in the bedroom, — told the world of the victim spacey 30 years later. — There burst into Kevin, he smelled alcohol. He grabbed me, as the bridegroom, the bride, and lay on top of me. He tried to seduce me. With difficulty I managed to push him away and run.”

A series of retronasally spawned vintage sex bandit 65‑year-old film producer Harvey Weinstein. Or rather, his victims, of which there were almost as many as in the grandmother’s tale about a voracious monster, devouring fresh daily girl. Memoirs in the style of “vspomnila Baba, Yak Bula discou” suddenly surrendered all female, the color of Hollywood.

As it turned out, the former already in the last century had such timeless divas as 42‑year-old Angelina Jolie and Asia Argento, 45‑year-old Gwyneth Paltrow and many others of their contemporaries. All these beauties monster Weinstein tried to eat — though not now, as in girlhood. But the former took to come out. Along with thoughts.

Yes, and I appreciate the algorithm is similar to the Diana Ross hit that Beverly hills danced a languid Saturday nights mid-80s — “Chain Reaction” (“Chain reaction”). Cost new Zealand model Zoe Brock vdarit online-nostalgia in 1997 when she was only 23, and men, including restless movie sex giant Harvey is not allowed to pass as a confessional whisper a virusnyak ran the star chain.

Guess where whose recognition?

1. “I was only 23 when he a deceit has taken me to the hotel, saying that there moved the party and my friends coming soon. But we were alone, Weinstein undressed and wanted to give me a massage. I miraculously took refuge in the bathroom!”

2. “I was very young, only 22 when Weinstein invited me to their apartment at the hotel ostensibly for a work meeting. And there laid hands on me and offered to go into the bedroom for a massage. I stood petrified with horror…”

3. “In the late 90s, he besieged me with their suggestions, we had to be alone.”

Hint: 1 is Zoe Brock, 2 — Gwyneth Paltrow, 3 — Angelina Jolie. However, it does not even matter, all star recognition at whinstanes a theme similar to each other…

As a man terribly far from Hollywood, personally, I’m in the Thriller about Weinstein surprised just how all of the first beauties of the screen regularly appeared at the hotel tete-a-tete with the widely known in narrow circles of the female sex-monster?! However, as actor Anthony RAPP, who with some reason in his 14 turned away from a piss-drunk Kevin spacey…

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Or maybe it’s another flash mob with “challenge” (challenge a friend) like pouring ice water? Only challenge now is apologize and blame next?

No wonder this grateful marathon suspiciously resembles a children’s “tag-legs-on-weight”. Tagged and feet tucked apologetically. It happened to another beloved star, Ben Affleck. It “got tagged” unexpectedly, when he angrily denounced the behavior of producer Weinstein against defenceless Hollywood divas, replied the actress, Hillary Burton, laying out a Network your story on video about how back in 2003‑m have molested her himself Ben… “It was right in the Studio, after filming, I had to laugh not to cry…” Affleck an nothing more than to make miss Burton sincere apology “for inappropriate behaviour”.

The baton was taken by the actress rose McGowan, claiming that Affleck all these years, knew about the harassment Weinstein to women and almost holding a candle, and now, 30 years later, were going to resent…

Meanwhile, the star journalist Sharon Waxman accused the 47‑year-old Matt Damon, and 53‑year-old Russell Crowe that they have contributed to the orgies of 65‑year-old Harvey Weinstein…

Well, as usual, now it is ordinary citizens who love to follow on the heels of Hollywood, as Ellochka-ogress for a millionaire by Vanderbilly. The Network has already launched a new flash mob, where everyone tell about the harassment.

Hold on! After dozens of years unless you can prove someone otherwise…

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