“Danish inventor confessed to the dismemberment of the Swedish journalist

Danish inventor Peter Madsen admitted that he really dismembered body Swedish journalist Kim wall, the remains of which were found in several bags in the territorial waters of Denmark, the Associated Press reports.

When you do this, Madsen insists he didn’t kill the woman.

According to the police, Creator of the submarine “Nautilus” argues that wall died from carbon monoxide poisoning during their trip on the submarine. He States that he dismembered the body of the journalist and threw the packages over the side.

The last time Kim wall was seen alive in August, when she, along with Madsen left Copenhagen on his submarine. The journalist was working on a story dedicated to the inventor.

The following day, Madsen was saved from a sinking submarine. Police believe that he drowned her, trying to conceal the crime.

Meanwhile, earlier media reported, citing the Prosecutor’s statement that the computer’s hard disk Madsen were found photographs and video footage depicting torture of women. The state prosecution suspects that the footage and photos are real and they depict murder.

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