Diplomats said the cause of death in China, a 14-year-old model from Russia

The representative of the Consulate of Russia in Shanghai Andrei Kulikov was named the cause of death of 14-year-old model from Perm, who recently passed away in a local hospital. Close Schoolgirls are confident that the Chinese could bring the girl to death due to the irregular schedule.

As the diplomat told RIA Novosti, the cause of death of a schoolgirl was multiple organ failure on the background of sepsis and infectious lesions of the nervous system.

The spokesman added that at the moment it is a preliminary version, the official diagnosis has not been, as this needs confirmation by the Chinese side post-mortem.

“The child’s mother is in Russia, without her consent, an autopsy of the body can not produce”, – said the diplomat.

As previously reported, the young Russian woman was hospitalized on Wednesday from Yiwu to Shanghai. Two days later she died.

It is known that the deceased was working on the Russian model Agency Models Smirnoff, which, in turn, signed a contract with Chinese Agency Esee Model Management. The girl had to work in China for three months.

Shortly before his death, the girl complained to mom for the hard work: according to her, she worked 13 hours a day.

Continuing the theme: the Chinese deny that 14-year-old Russian model died from overwork

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