English goalkeeper relieve themselves on the field: do not wait 4 minutes

In the 86th minute the goalkeeper “Manchester city” Maxim Krokom received a red card for something that has celebrated small need directly on the field while I finish the meeting with the “Bradford Park Avenue”. The deletion did not affect the outcome of the game: with the score 2:1 won ten guests.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

In the game the referee marked the episode as “unsportsmanlike conduct” (according to the rules, depending on severity, it may be punished by both yellow and direct red card). A 24-year-old apologized, admitting that just could no longer endure, and to offend no one wanted.

A few days ago in the Italian League D for similar actions were sent off player Giovanni liberty, but his actions were found malicious intent (he was on the bench, but not only did not use the toilet, but acted opposite the grandstand where sat the supporters of rivals), and because there was a disqualification on 5 matches. The most famous “bismatrol” world football became in 2009, the Swiss referee Massimo Busacca who did this during the championship match of Qatar where he worked for a good fee. Then the referee explained the action momentary distraction from the heat. A little later, by the way, Busacca appointed to judge a match between Russia and Germany in the world Cup qualification. In the same year in the game for VfB Stuttgart in the Champions League “marked the territory” and the German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.

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