“Estonia has announced the strengthening of the defense through NATO

NATO troops are based in 100 km from Russian border

– Estonia this year has done a big step on defense, which is one of the most important foundations of it security, said the Minister of defence jüri Luik (Juri Luik). Opening on Sunday, Martin hurt, he said that “Our task is to act politically, psychologically, militarily on our opponents, letting them know that it makes no sense to attack us. Today it should be clear that otherwise, except our own defense forces, they will have to deal with the allied forces, which in case of attack will come to the aid of Estonia,” – said the “Interfax” the press service of the Ministry of defence.

According to the Minister, “it is Difficult to find a better and clearer evidence of this than what our allies have sent their sons and daughters at a distance of 100 kilometres from the Russian border”.

Luik also said that “although the European Union obviously will never become a military organization like NATO, the new military-political breath in the European Union the possibility to enhance the security of Europe.”

He said that preparations are underway for a structured defence cooperation of interested States (PESCO), which runs in December, during the chairmanship of Estonia in the European Union.

The higher courses of the national defence act in Estonia since 1999. Their goal is familiarity with the security policy, foreign and defense policy to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense.

Courses are held twice a year and attended by about 1,800 people, including politicians, senior civil servants and military personnel, leaders of the economy, public opinion, culture, education, journalists, representatives of the third sector.

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