Fighter MMA Balaev told about 10 years in prison and subsequent championship

December 23, Moscow will host a mixed martial arts tournament ACB 77. Among others, there you can watch revenge of Marat Balaev and Yusuf Raisova at stake which will be a world title belt organization. Nothing unusual, if not the first was 41 years, and do MMA he began at the age of 37. After 10 years spent in prison. The story of “Motivator”, which is preparing for a final fight in his professional career — in an interview with Alexei Safonov.

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“Not going to give the belt Raisova just so”

– There were rumors that you complete a career and not going back to the cage. However, you eventually agreed to a rematch with Yusuf Raisova.

– I had thought to finish, but I still wanted to have another fight. Misunderstood. Looked then comments saying that I jumped, scared and so on. Then finally decided that this fight is necessary to spend. And then, most likely, all. January 1, I will be 42 years at this level is necessary to win, and I know what it’s like to win. It’s very hard.

– What will be different the second meeting with Raisova from the first and was there something changed?

– Changed everything. Will be completely different match. Yusuf knows with whom one is dealing knows the strengths. But I’m sure the surprises will be on both sides. I often think, how will the battle. But that information is top secret (laughs).

– In freestyle wrestling and Amateur sports people often meet each other and fight. In the pros it happens much less frequently. A rematch with Yusuf is a plus or a minus?

– For me, of course, a minus. I have no desire to fight Russian soldiers, especially with the same opponent. Everyone knows that if I have prepared well and will tune in, I win. And if I lose, then, was not enough motivation. But if necessary, I will fight.

– Why in Russia everyone always say that to fight with compatriots do not want?

– We all communicate with each other. With Raisova, and Kochavim communicate well. But you have to hitting each other. Who is coming from abroad, they have a different mentality, they pretend, what will break us, destroy. I want to show them. But our guys all the aliens broke, sent them to the dump — so we will fight among themselves.

– You have 8 fights, 8 wins. Seven solutions, and one submisison. It is time for a Ko victory, just in the final match?

– I think so. Working this time, can and will succeed!

– Before the first match with Raisova you said he is still young, the championship belt will take. And you need here and now. The situation is in force, or changed?

– Of course, not the motivation. Then I had no rank. Plowed all my life and trained, but not a world champion, not the Olympic champion. Then Pasha Vitruk told me that childhood dream she was close to the title. I realized that I am 40 years old, like it or not and need to do. Because tomorrow, as the saying goes, whether the owner dies, or the donkey will die. Looked at Raisova. He was 21 years old. Where? Wait! But of course, I am not going to give anything just like that. I have an army of fans, children and lots of financial debt.

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“The collapse of the USSR prevented me to win the Olympics”

– Under what circumstances did you first get in the wrestling section?

Section is not called. He lived in the village, trained not on a professional level. Went was interesting. Lit at once: they differ in temperament, constantly crept forward. And then brother took me to school of the Olympic reserve. In fact, when my career began. There but training does not exist.

– What were you thinking then? The Olympic gold?

– Not less! We’re ambitious guys. I trained in the morning, evening, left the window open, went to dinner, then returned to the hall through the window and was rocking. Overload much night twitching. After Turkmenistan arrived in Ossetia, began to plow, and there are people practicing correctly and slowly. It had to be reconstructed: more sat and watched. Watched every movement, took over. Wrestling among young men — emotional, but then have the head and need.

– How did your career?

– The Soviet school, in the 15 republics had 15 schools of Olympic reserve. They include organized competitions, they murder one another, full plate was. I was the first.

After the sheet is probably what is happening in the battle you does not surprise?

– No! I came, and my weight 50-60 people. And all different. I was prepared, by submitting to the competition, where two years older than me. And when have brought to your year, said: “to Lose anymore”. And flooded. But in the end, the world Cup has not got…

– The collapse of the USSR?

Yes. Last year, I a single tournament is not lost. But there was a trouble with the world championship… Iranian, which I won, eventually became second at the world Cup.

– The Soviet school — a unique program for creating athletes?

– It was a machine to create the best in the world. When the arms of the USSR people went to sporting events, people have knees shaking. They could in the boondocks to find such talents! The same Karelin could smoke machine repaired, and they found it and what a champion was. And now… Chucking the football millions, but it was no use. Because there is no selection, which it is. Apparently, we need another war so that people in football we have won. After the Second world war was the result, because then the minds was: “let’s do it”. Now varnish the hair off her make up, running around the field millionaires. And then — or won, or to Siberia. Soviet scientists worked, how to get athletes in peak form: the Russian championship and the world Cup.

– You are preserved in itself the principles and the foundations of the Soviet school?

– In another way. She’s helping me.

– If you connect the collapse of the Soviet Union that you couldn’t win the Olympics?

– Of course. Blew me off it then.

– When did you realize that your goal farther from you?

– When three years did not go to the competition. Who had the money, he could afford to speak. I’ve been training for training. Finds motivation to win someone on the fights on Friday. Only tournaments can be assessed. George St-Pierre asked me what the most important quality of a champion? To gather when it is needed. In training you can win a lot of someone, but that doesn’t count. Need to win the final of the Olympic games and world Championships. The rest is junk. That’s why, when I came out to fight with Raisova, I knew that here will be considered, because it is the world title belt.

Speaking about money, then you earned or helped you?

He lived with an aunt. She gave me the money to travel, fed up, and I’ve been practicing. Therefore, tied: it was impossible ever to sit on her neck. Eventually saw someone on “behah” goes, someone on the “geldings”. And you’re plowing… I Then said one former fighter who hit there’s something and good living: “Better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor”. He answered the question about why he continues his career. These moments somehow break.

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“The whole time in prison I suffered”

– And then you’re done with the sport. And, in fact, the 90s, “not the people”…

– I didn’t say it, I can say that it was. Still not just. One of my children in hospital with poisoning, screaming “Daddy help”, the second was born. And I have, in fact, a penny. I knew how to fix it… And went this route. Another way to earn I could not. Went to steal. After a week it was already everything from toys to diamonds. Kids to any store, they say — choose what you want. He was dressed all in Italian, packs of dollars, stash of gold…

– How did you steal it?

– I’m not the right person to approach, hit on the head and back. I didn’t even see those who steal. Were not going to steal later 11-12 that doesn’t scare the children, because they come from school. There were moments that I even left little notes (smiles). Much has been… Gone through the window, shot me…

– Do not fall?


– How much your activities have continued and how caught?

– A year and a half, just on the street asked documents. But I have had something. And got caught.

– Then — 10 years in prison.

– The term was added, attributed the disorganization. Could vlupit God forbid, but added four. The result was under ten, Yes.

– What gave the disorganization?

Men scored literally on the street, in the snow. I started yelling at them, saying, what are you doing, kill now. They gave me a sack. So would not touch me. But I can’t bear to look at it. The Bible says help your neighbor. If you’re a beast, you can remain silent and look away, pretend not to hear as he yells. It’s not heroism. Not even for thieves concepts. It’s human, human, if you can help.

– What happened next?

– Dropped me, I stood up, dropped again. A lot of them were — you know what it does. Took a stool, swung — not much to hit, so passing one hand has passed. Started screaming — they fear fled. Did not touch anyone else. For this, and given the disorganization, hung even the first episode of this story.

– Prison is a horror and you’ve been out there, or 10 years passed quietly?

Prison should not be afraid. Afraid of her bad people. I all the time suffered. Arrived I immediately said — clean the toilets, garbage. I say, guys, I’m in the national team trained, I have children — leave alone. But there face in the shit to shove should definitely. The same as you walking down the station, you come and say — go toilet wash. Will you go? You just say, “are You shittin’ me?”. Here also and I took it. For me I always will clean it up. Me in the infirmary was closed, so there out there.

One often sat?

Once the facility three times in 100 days, two violations SUS (stringent conditions). Simmer just happened. Then be started in prisons to roll — someone had to be guilty. Revealing. Hand pull, wearing handcuffs, was escorted with dogs. I even told them that already scare myself (smiles). Two months in one prison, only to learn, meet people — BAM, get your stuff, go to a new place, the catacombs. In Vladimir Central for three years.

– I read a lot?

– He had all read. About faith, about the history. Reached such antiquities, where martial arts go, and so on. All the moral I draw from there. By the way, I still smoked the entire term — 10 years, strictly.

– What is the idea, the main conclusion you came out of prison?

– If you steal — it’s a lifestyle. Concluded that this is someone’s way of life. The thief knows that sooner or later it will be closed, it needs to serve. And you’re the one that did the job and didn’t finish the job. Ride in the other sleigh. So when I came out, I knew that I’m a professional. Maybe I would have worked at the plant, but if it was enough. And when a close relative dies and his operation is not enough — well, what nafig plant? From there I got the anger to those moments. Churned out children be good, they need to be fed. Brother bad — to help him. The factors that led me to keep fighting. Through them smoothly to come to coaching as I never was left with nothing. I can get the belt to pick up (smiles). I hope I get to open school branches… Not very smart I am in these movements, but who else is going to share what I know and studied all his life. This is something I can well.

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“The sons wrote that he had always dreamed of the father-the champion of the world”

– You came out at the age of 37. And with the base of the struggle went into the battle, beating hands and feet.

– Very hard, of course, was to get used to the beats. Still not used to it. However, man is generally unnatural. But this sport is geared for those who have a base of wrestling. Plus it was a very fashionable sport in which floated some money.

– You debuted in 2014 and was also not very high fees, particularly to show off will not work.

– I can’t do anything else. It was hard, but I saw how people adapted the fight under MMA and studied.

– How the fight turned out to provide for them?

– In the ACB went some money. I had my brother to help, he had a stroke was, and I got $ 1,000 for the outlet and $ 1,000 for the victory. Moved him, bought medicines. Very motivated for the fight came out. I from St. Petersburg drove the car into Chechnya and saying: “are We just going? We’re going to win!”. Came out and tore. Still, in MMA you have to be hungry.

– Drove the car is because of the history with the passport, when it messed up, trying to make you “younger” for the competition? Now the question is solved?

– No. I have a passport of South Ossetia. The former President signed a decree, I was given a passport. I don’t away abroad can’t. Just where have recognized South Ossetia. Something moving about our passports, but still slow.

All this time you support the current wife Hope. What was it like?

She went up to me in prison, don’t let her, and she continued to ride and wait. When I added the period, she brought it only more to do! Started only a year before release. Her education is — human. Grandfather is a veteran, laid.

– Once free, how many could find themselves?

– I went out, came home, asked for vodka, kebabs. He walked and walked. Then again I ate. I gave myself exactly a month to look around. I have not had the opportunity to waste time. And away we go.

– How you motivate people — everything is clear, but where do you get you motivation?

– Many begin to talk, they say, a healthy lifestyle, to set an example to children and so on… Yes the problems people! Children to feed, families to help. Brother need now is 75, so the hospital went into surgery. Where to get them? Sons Boxing seriously picked up my fights have seen the pin. Junior championship of Ukraine is not allowed — say, the citizenship he is not Ukrainian. What’s the difference anyway? He’s 15 years old, and they break off. So, the problems need to be solved. I caught a wave, it can not let go. The other will be gone. So you need to squeeze the maximum. I had plans to earn a two-room apartment in Peter that one brother lived — I will not leave him. Plus you need two “odnushki” in order to pass them. I’ve never worked, I have no pension no nothing. Here will be my pension.

What did your sons, when you became the champion?

Senior said that all his life dreamed that his father was a world champion. I wrote that the now — world champion in one of the toughest versions. Younger wrote that now also wants to motivate people. The whole epic is written. From the heart.

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