In China deny the death of a 14-year-old Russian model due to slave working conditions

Employer 14-year-old Russian model Vlada Dzuba denied reports that the girl died from exhaustion. Earlier media speculated that the cause of death native of the Perm could be irregular schedule: the girl allegedly was forced to work 13 hours a day.

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The Executive Director of the model Agency ESEE Model Management says that the model did not work more than eight hours a day. He also noted that Dziuba died six days after the completion of the Shanghai fashion week in which she participated.

“We are saddened by the fact that lost angel” – written in the Chinese equivalent of Twitter social network Weibo, one of the representatives of the company ESEE, reports “Interfax”.

Earlier, the representative of the Consulate of Russia in Shanghai Andrei Kulikov said that Vlad the film died due to multiple organ failure on the background of infectious lesions of the nervous system and sepsis.

He explained that the exact cause of death will be established only after the autopsy, but the Chinese side can not be carried out without the formal consent of the mother, who is still in Russia.

Vlad Dziuba worked in company ESEE on a three month contract. Earlier, the “MK” wrote that a few days before the tragedy, the schoolgirl complained to mom that is very tired after a 13-hour day. Because the Russians didn’t have health insurance, the doctor did not address it. The girl was taken to the hospital, when she was really bad, but the doctors were powerless. In the result, Vlad died in Shanghai Friday, October 27.

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