In the Sheremetyevo have found a famous hockey judge with a broken head

Famous hockey player and current NHL referee, Paul Komarov found with a broken head at the capital airport “Sheremetyevo”. The judge flew after the match in Riga home to Nizhny Novgorod through Moscow and during the transplant was discovered by the driver of the Shuttle unconscious after his plane took off.

Photo: Continental hockey League.

As we found out “MK”, the incident occurred on Friday afternoon. The carrier, which delivered passengers flying from Moscow to Nizhniy Novgorod (flight No. 1226) on the field to the aircraft immediately after departure (the plane took off at 16.30) conducted inspection of the cabin and on the rear platform saw lying on the stomach man. The passenger was unconscious and his head was covered in blood. He was a referee Pavel Komarov. In serious condition he was taken to the hospital.

As reported by the law enforcement officers wife hockey referee Catherine, the judge has arrived to Moscow from Riga, where he judged the match between Riga “Dynamo” and “Avant-garde” with his peers — an arbitrator Sergei Belyaev. Around 15.00 judges landed in Sheremetyevo, where Sergey went to the city, and Paul had to fly home at 16.30 in Nizhny Novgorod. Catherine called up a few times with him, she said nothing strange and suspicious she did not notice in the conversation. In one interview Paul told her that he had met in the lounge counterpart, the famous referee Sergei Kulakov, with which they communicated with the 15.35 to 15.50, and then men dispersed, as were flying on different flights.

— The last time Paul called 16.10, said he already rides the bus to Board the plane. If he was with someone, I would I was told. We agreed that when he arrives, call me and I will come to meet him, — told police his wife Komarov.

After learning about the incident, Catherine immediately went to Moscow, where in place at the airport, she was told that her husband fell down and broke his head. According to employees, Paul unconscious discovered after departure. And it struck her as odd.

— First of all, if he went on Board a departing aircraft, why is he not looking for? Then, if he flew, his Luggage (when Komarov was a hockey bag, hockey uniforms) had to fly to Nizhny Novgorod, but it was issued in “Sheremetyevo”. It turns out that the bag was removed from the flight. And another strange thing, my husband always flies business class, and business transfer to the plane is usually different. Why he went to a larger bus to the plane?

By the way, the doctors are not sure that Paul tripped, fell and smashed his head: the injury is inconsistent with the damage that physicians diagnosed the arbitrator. The judge an open craniocerebral trauma, blunt object from the top of the head. However, it is unclear how this could happen on the bus, not noticeable to other passengers.

The arbitrator’s wife Catherine, after all that, went to the police with a statement.

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