“Kevin spacey has confessed his homosexuality

Earlier, the actor Anthony RAPP stated that the Hollywood star molested him 30 years ago

Actor Kevin Spaceface: AP/TASS

– Hollywood actor Kevin spacey has admitted that he is a homosexual. About this 58-year-old owner of two “Oscars” wrote in his Twitter.


— Kevin Spacey (@KevinSpacey) October 30, 2017.

As noted by People magazine, spacey decided to come out after the statements of actor Anthony RAPP, who accused the star of TV series “house of cards” in the assault. According to RAPP, he at that time was 14 years old.

“I have tremendous admiration and respect for Anthony RAPP as an actor. I’m shocked by this story. Honestly, I don’t remember our contact with him, it was over 30 years ago. If I really behaved like he says I bring him deepest apology for the fact that it would be highly inappropriate behavior from a drunken person. I’m sorry he had to experience all these feelings all these years,” the statement said spacey.

The actor also said that the scandal surrounding the events of the past got him thinking about the need to clarify some facts of his life.

“I know about me different rumors that only fueled by the fact that very care about the integrity of my private life. People who know me all my life know that I have had relationships with both women and men. Throughout my life I have had romantic relationships with men, and I decided to live as a homosexual,” concluded the actor.

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To discuss personal life he had due to statements the 46-year-old RAPP, who in an interview with the website BuzzFeed reported that in 1986, spacey invited him to a party at his apartment. Both actors at the time played on Broadway.

According to RAPP, who is an open homosexual, he spent all night in the bedroom alone watching TV. When he found that the other guests left, he also decided to go home, but, according to RAPP, spacey drunk began to pester him, took 14-year-old in his arms and put to bed. RAPP managed to alienate spacey and run to the bathroom. Then he left the apartment actor.

RAPP explained that he decided to name the star of the film “usual suspects”, “Seven” and “American Beauty” in light of the recent scandal producer Harvey Weinstein, who several Hollywood Actresses accused of harassment.

In 2001, RAPP has already informed journalists that as a teenager she was sexually harassed, but then he did not name her abuser.

Kevin spacey has won numerous awards, including two Oscars, a Golden globe and a Tony. He is a Knight Commander of the British Empire.

Anthony RAPP is known for his work in Broadway musicals, starred in the movie “a beautiful mind” and the TV series “Star trek: discovery”.

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