Media: Volatile moves in the “First” to revisionati charitable institution

Presenter of the program “Revizorro” Elena Volatile moves to the “First channel”, where is “revisioning” the activity of medical institutions, the sources said telegram-channel “Manuals” and radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to the “Manuals”, the reason for the creation of a new transmission was the scandal in the Voronezh hospital, “where he found a Horde of cockroaches and found no soul Now in the role of the Federal inspector of charitable institutions type of clinics, hospitals, and other social will be Elena Volatile”.

Read about the visit of Flying in the Voronezh hospital.

“Moscow speaking” said that official news about the arrival of Flying in “First” will take place tonight: the idea of cooperation with leading allegedly belonged to Ivan Urgant.

Reviews from the Fly, as well as from the “First channel” and “Friday” where it went “Revizorro”, has not yet been reported.

Note that since July of 2017 Bats joined the Supervisory Board of Roskoshestvo from the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.

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