“NATO pilots will fly in the airspace of Estonia

– Based in the Estonian air base ämari (Amari) F-16 fighter jets of the Belgian air force will spend next week training flights at low altitude.

As reported “Interfax” the press service of the Estonian defense Forces, the aircraft will make shaving fly at an altitude not below 500 feet (152 meters) and stay away from populated areas.

As explained in the main staff of the defence Forces, the NATO States provide for exercises and training, including for low-altitude flying, certain parts of their airspace. In Estonia, the flights will be carried out in coordination with the Department of aviation and JSC “aviation Maintenance”message.

Four fighters of the Belgian air force F-16 arrived in Estonia on 5 September for four months in rotation to protect the airspace of the Baltic States. They changed the squadron of the air force of Spain, pilots who flew F-18 Hornet.

According to the decision of the NATO Council, the air force of NATO since 29 March 2004 started to patrol the air space of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia do not have their own fighters.

Also located at the air base of Amari (Amari) aircraft of Belgium, at the Lithuanian Siauliai air base posted on August 30, and a detachment of the US fighters F-15.

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