“On Monday, the US will begin large-scale military exercises

They will work out actions of strategic confrontation, missile defense, space operations and operations in cyberspace

Photo: Reuters

– US strategic command (StratCom) announced the start on Monday large-scale military exercise Global Thunder-2018 (the”Global thunder-2018″).

The exercise will involve the headquarters of StratCom at a military air base Offutt subordinate to the headquarters in various parts of the world, including missile parts and part of the air force, said in a statement the command’s press release.

During the maneuvers will work out actions for strategic confrontation space operations in cyberspace, methods of electronic warfare, missile defense, reconnaissance operations, informed StratCom.

The press release doesn’t say how long the exercises. The experience of previous years, they last about 10 days.

The Global Thunder exercises are held annually. However, as observers, their current feature is the tension between the USA and North Korea. The leaders of both countries regularly send threats of possible mutual impacts.

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