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From 3 to 12 November in the Central house of artists held the third Festival of the Russian geographical society. Here you can experience a real Chukchi yaranga, learn how to celebrate the new year Chukchi and Tuvinians, as well as to try national costumes of different Nations.

photo: RHS

This year the festival exhibition will cover an area of over 6 thousand square meters. The exhibition will be divided into several thematic zones. For example, in the “Dwelling of the peoples of Russia” guests will be able to look into a Russian hut, Caucasian house and the hut of the Cossack, to visit the tent of Bashkiria, this plague of Tuvinians-todzhintsy and Chukchi yaranga. Visitors will get acquainted with authentic household items Amur Evenki and other peoples, learn what materials and how to build homes in different parts of our country.

In the area of “Folk costumes” you will see traditional outfits of the residents of the North Caucasus, the Urals and the Volga region, the North, Siberia and the Far East. Guests of the festival will tell about the purpose and the characteristics of the ornament, cut and silhouette for each costume, from the Koryak shirts to traditional garb resident of the village of Balkhar (Republic of Dagestan).

And in the hall “Holidays, ceremonies and games of the peoples of Russia”, you will not only learn how and when people celebrate new year in the Chukchi and Tuvinians, but also to participate in traditional entertainments of the Tatars, Buryats and Kalmyks.

In addition, visitors of the festival will see the best photos of the most remote corners of our country, artifacts of ethnographic expeditions, ancient books, manuscripts and maps. Everyone will be able to walk around the fair to talk with famous researchers, photographers, and also to take part in the premiere film screenings, master classes and competitions.

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