“Reorganized Bank “Peresvet” returned the right to service the defence sector

– “Relight” a year later returned to the list of banks which can open accounts and deposits of enterprises having strategic importance for the military-industrial complex and their subsidiaries, according to information on the website of the Bank of Russia as of 1 September.

The Central Bank has indicated “Peresvet” as a Bank that is under direct or indirect control of the Russian Federation. The main owner of the credit institution is now under control “Rosneft” the all-Russian regional development Bank (RRDB).

“Peresvet” has ceased to meet the requirements for opening accounts and attracting deposits of enterprises OPK in October 2016, when the Central Bank introduced the Bank’s temporary administration and the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims. According to the results of the tests in “Peresvet” identified the imbalance between the fair value of assets and liabilities in the amount of 103.6 billion rubles.

In April 2017, the Bank was sanitized with the use of the mechanism of voluntary bail-in (the conversion of the Bank’s liabilities in its capital), the investor was the world Bank. Central Bank has promised to allocate using ASV on sanitation funding in the amount of 66.7 billion rubles.

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