“Saudi Arabia will allow women to go to stadiums

– Women in Saudi Arabia to 2018 will be allowed to attend sporting events at stadiums, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

They will be able to come to the arena in three cities: Riyadh, Jeddah and al Dammam. It is reported that the stadiums in these cities will start to build, putting on the restaurants and setting the monitors to “they could come with families”. At the moment, come to the sports arena have the right to only men.

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Analysts say that the decision of the authorities of the Kingdom will provoke a negative reaction in the conservative part of the population, which has vehemently protested the appearance of women in the stadium in Riyadh during a celebration of Saudi Arabia last month.

In late September, the authorities promised that by 2018 women will have the right to drive a car. Still the country’s strict restrictions, in particular, women not only have to dress a certain way, but they are also not allowed to chat with men who are not their relatives, but if they’re going anywhere to go or call for medical help, they must be a guardian or have written permission from him.

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