“She threatened to kill everyone”: the animal rights activist told about the owner of mutilated kitten

The actions of the inhabitant of the capital, 21-year-old Svetlana Daraselia (real name Daniel), who live in social networks aired as beating her kitten, and then throws it against the wall, became interested in the police. Shocking video instantly spread around the Internet and caused a public outcry. Users gave rivederci this persecution, however, it it not scared.

Photo: Social Networks.

As found “MK”, on his page in the social network Vkontakte Svetlana Daraselia during the live broadcast of the abused four month old kitten named Thomas. The villain beat and bit the baby’s tail, he mewed desperately, and then with all his strength threw it against the wall. Russian Internet users reacted negatively to page Svetlana appeared angry comments, curses, someone of the bloggers posted her home address and a mobile phone and complained to the police. There have already stated that they began the test. One of her friends Danilova addressed to the animal rights activists for help. The result is Kotaku managed to save. She geoderma his monstrous behavior explained by the influence of drugs, saying that she feels no remorse.

— It was an accident. My friend brought the curtains from the USA, which cost 25 thousand dollars. Thomas broke it. I was at that moment in alcohol and drugs. Even with the mother drink for the meeting that I was released from prison, confessed to journalists Daniel, not letting the cigarette from his mouth. According to her classmates, she finished school №589. He studied not very well, I was interrupted with “three” to “four”. Despite this, were able to enter MATI — Russian state technological University named after Tsiolkovsky, but, having studied two courses, left him. Svetlana periodically lives with relatives. Recent abuses alcohol, this became aggressive.

After seeing the video, the animal rights activists rushed to the house of Payne (she lives with an aunt in the North Boulevard) and after a short conversation she took Thomas, otherwise he would have died. “We had a good talk. Her aunt brought a kitten, he yelled a lot. However, Svetlana wanted to go with us to the vet. We wouldn’t let her, since she was not quite adequate. Threatened to kill everyone, and used foul language”, — told “MK” the animal rights activist Eldar. He on Friday evening I came home to Danilova to save the animal. Survived real torture of a kitten showed the vet who diagnosed the baby multiple bruises of the internal organs.

“Thomas is a very large bladder, one side hurt! He’s got a concussion and bruises, a few days will be spent in the hospital,” said Eldar. According to him, the purring already looking for a family. Meanwhile, animal rights activists are going to write the application in police with the request to bring Danilov to criminal responsibility under article 245 of the criminal code (“abuse of animals”), and also need to toughen the punishment under this article. After all, like Svetlana, the maximum that may face, it is either a fine or correctional work.

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