“The Belgian Prime Minister has denied the rumors about the discussion of asylum Podemno

Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel said that the theme of asylum deposed President of Catalonia Carles Podemno not discussed.

The Belgian media reports, in a statement on Sunday, a communiqué of the Belgian Prime Minister said that the issue of asylum “is not on the agenda”.

Michelle also has called “not to add fuel to the fire” to the Belgian state Secretary for asylum and migration Theo Franken, who admitted that Pujdeme may seek refuge in Belgium. The words of the Belgian officials about the possibility of an unfair trial Pusdienam aroused the indignation of the Spanish MEP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons.

The Secretary of state for asylum and migration Franken is included in the Belgian Federal government from the nationalist party “New Flemish Alliance”, which defines as one of its political perspectives, the Declaration of independence of Flanders.

Putteman was previously dismissed official Madrid. He said that does not recognize removal from power.

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