The boss of a women’s prison spoke about the “lesbian families” and the difficulties of working

31 October celebrate their professional holiday workers in detention centres and prisons. Every day, they voluntarily go to jail to ensure the trial and then the sentence. These days constant stress and risk. After wards murderers, rapists, pedophiles, fraudsters, thieves, drug addicts. A — repeatedly tried, with a shattered psyche. And with this they need to find a common language.

Special correspondent of “MK” met with the Colonel of internal service in resignation Svetlana Ivanovna Umaskini, who was promoted from Comptroller to chief of the women’s remand prison number 6 in Pechatniki, and learned:

• why is she at the time was allocated to security;

• how women prisoners are manipulated.

• what is the goal chronic alcoholics scribbled letters to Yeltsin;

• how prisoners were faking jaundice, and scabies;

• why adolescents”Vorohta” Lily under the door water;

• and why employees are not encouraged lesbian love.

Now Svetlana heads the Council of veterans of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in Moscow. Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow

“In the Butyrka I have shed many tears”

Guard towers, concrete “box”, “build”, crashing police vehicles, sirens, spotlights on the “zapretki”, reconciliation, roll-calls, the eternal smell of damp… From the world behind the barbed wire you want to step back.

— What for such “gingerbread” you can go there voluntarily?

— I finished school with a silver medal, not wanted to leave from mom. In our town of Kostopil, Rivne region, just opened a medical school. Went there to study, — says Svetlana. — Then I tried to enter the Kiev University, I had a red diploma. To become a student, it was enough one to pass the exam on five. The competition was huge. I put on the biology of the Quartet, all other exams passed successfully, but still did not pass the competition. Began working as a nurse. All positions were occupied, I worked on the substitution in the SES in the clinic. It was a good school. And then he found his destiny. Vladimir went to school in the neighborhood. We got married. When Vladimir was in the army in borschiv, they came into a part of the countryman, who worked in the prison system in Moscow. Became guys call to work in the bodies of internal Affairs, has promised mountains of gold. My husband went to the capital, and a year later I went to see him in Moscow.

A medic without a residence permit to get was impossible. In medical schools accept only Muscovites. Had 20 years to go to work in the Butyrka prison inspector, and in the duty shift. I was given a Bathrobe. The atmosphere was oppressive, everything is painted brown, dark blue and black colors, always smells like bleach and dichlorvos. But once a mentally ill defendants-expertsview when all of the cameras went out for a walk, compartment me and blocked the road… Then help arrived, but when I got home, I spent the evening bellowed. The husband then took me to his duty shift. But tears in the Butyrka I spilled a lot more.

Good team good. Then in the Butyrka served veterans — selfless people who have passed war. Remember, one of the senior corps was Kotlova, a large woman with forms, whom everyone called “mother of the prisons” and was terrified. Then it was replaced by Nina Kuznetsova. She always shouted: “Hey you, shalashovka, come quickly lined up”. She under investigation for abuse of the written complaint. Was Prosecutor’s check. Then, discovering the camera, she said, “you two Lovebirds lined up”. We asked her: “Why birds?” Nina explained: “So you still live under the roof…”

The change I worked for almost 8 years, stood on all posts. I remember in one of the night shift arrived the Minister of internal Affairs of the USSR Nikolay Shchelokov. I was in uniform, Sergeant, raportul: “greetings!..” He was surprised: “such As girls in prison work?”

Then, as I correctly wrote and had legible handwriting, I was taken to arrange for the reception of documents. I interviewed prisoners on remand, is checked against the data specified in their personal Affairs.

— Anyone remember from the known to defendants?

In Butyrka prison was the many trade workers who went by the name “Vneshposyltorg” — “Birches”. They were suspected of corruption and embezzlement. In parallel, there was the case of the furriers, involving many sophisticated women, well-educated, with good manners. With them was no hassle.

Colonel of internal service in resignation Svetlana Umnyashkina. Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow

— Worked on its core specialty — a medical assistant?

Was such an experience. The night shift there was only one doctor and one paramedic, and the prisoners were many. Untried as soon as got in jail, just think of all their diseases. Earlier there were a lot of suicides. We provided first aid. Often the actions of the prisoners were pronounced.

Do you know how they faking jaundice? It’s a minimum of 30 days quarantine. They at this time do not touch, do not carry to the courts. Inmates are allowed to send parcels of fat. When you lie down, it turns yellow. And here craftsmen cut him a slice, tied it with thread, swallowed whole, and the other end clings to the tooth, and go for a few days. The gallbladder were sealed with fat, and the sclera — iris — yellowing.

But we knew about all these tricks. For example, they faked an itch, hoping that the camera will send to the quarantine. Finding a clip that you could accidentally drop an employee, they sharpen the tip and put they seeds in the lower abdomen, groin or between the toes. And know that scabies causes mites. Did the two mandatory points — entry and exit of mites. But to all this we were ready.

— No desire to drop everything and leave?

— I kept saying to her husband: “let’s Go”. Vladimir was also sure that we are here for a while. But then he enrolled in the Academy, him and I went to learn. He graduated from the Academy with honors. My husband became the Deputy chief for operations. I like a close relative could not work under him. I was transferred to investigation prison No. 1, known as “Matrosskaya Tishina”. I became an instructor in educational work with minors.

Adolescents in conflict with the law, as a rule, very cruel. As found common language with them?

— There were all sorts kids. For example, there was a boy from a large family, which got into the house through the window and pulled the food from the refrigerator. He was 16 years old, looks not more than 12, small, thin, really no one in the family is not fed.

I worked as a caregiver, we were on duty around the clock, each had a hundred people. We went with teenagers for a walk, to the movies, in the bath, put them to sleep. Of course, they gave us the heat, especially the “Verkade” who considered themselves already sufficiently hardened. Cleaning in the cells they conducted themselves, and the corridors washed women prisoners from the detachment of hotblog. They were dressed in dresses and skirts. And teenagers sluchevskiy, push the peephole and watched as they bent over and wash the floor. Only women prisoners will induce the frequency as adolescents from the reservoir intended for tea, poured under the door water. And then knock to be removed. And this “flood” arranged several times per shift. Of course, I had stricter. But I managed to find the youngsters to approach.

And the ingenuity knew no bounds. For example, it was forbidden to keep Pets. Somehow on the walk, they picked up the cat and her expertly trained. Once in the lock, turned the key, the teenagers opened the door tables, and Mouser instantly popped in there.

Parrot gosh, who for many years lived in the office of the chief of the detention facility, cells are not recognized. Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow

“Forced treatment were artists, musicians, fashion designers and even ballerina”

— Soon you became the head of the activity therapy center (LTP). As you have decided to work with chronic alcoholics?

— SIZO No. 1, I was elected party Secretary. The phase I was smaller, I worked with hotplug. In this time began to build LTP №4, designed for women. Before such institution. I was offered first the position of political officer, and later I headed the medical-labor dispensaries.

The institution was designed for 610 people, and we have brought 800. Had on the bed to acquire second tier. Got to us women to forced treatment by court decision. All were arrested by the police in the drunk tank, they were in hospitals. And then if drinking, they wrote the statement or their relatives, or precinct. The court issues a ruling, and we took them.

All of them have worked. I must say that most were great umelitsy, a real workaholic. Quickly mastered the profession of a seamstress. We had our own sewing workshop, our wards sewed baby clothes. Also operated a branch factory “Bolshevik”. Women earned good money, but still had that ran. We searched all over the Moscow region, visited all the hot spots were found and brought back to the LTP.

For the holidays we have consistently held concerts. So what! We have forced treatment were artists, musicians, fashion designers and even one dancer. We had our own choir, a talented parodist.

Once got a call from men’s LTP, proposed to organize a joint concert. And before that we were visited by the orchestra of Russian folk instruments. Our women sat yawning on their performance. While male alcoholics are met with a standing ovation. What was going on there! Played bards, artists. Our women to the gate ran after the bus when they left in the division.

— Your players were not trying to put mash?

— We about it strictly. All large, 30 people, all in the mind, a cavern there. It is in Butyrka were craftsmen who once made moonshine, using the rod of a ballpoint pen.

— Met addicts?

— My entire service in the LTP, and it lasted about 5 years, there was only one addict. This lady was of sexual minorities, as they themselves say, “the cobbles.” One day while on duty I say: “Nina Afanas’eva (name changed) require the chief”. I go up to the third floor where we there is a medical Department, which originally put the newly arrived women. You see, sitting on the bed in a handkerchief, tied by the cap. I’m still surprised: “How we could be a man?” And it was Nina. That night she told me many things about his life. Then we still had long conversations.

When she was released from the LTP, me guys the CAT gave that to me several times came a man in a gray suit. I was wondering who it could be. Then I realized that it was Nina. But I was at the meeting, with the builders negotiated. We have not met.

By that time it was decided on the basis of the LTP to build a women’s prison. I remember when the buses were taken to Vologda and the Republic of Mordovia and the last of the six groups, the women sat on their bags, I passed by and said: “Well, have you succeeded?” And many of them did not want to be treated, scribbled letters Yeltsin to closed LTP. They told me the choir began to convince that I didn’t want to leave.

Jail No. 6 is known in the vernacular as “Women’s Bastille”.

“On the Road, nine-two, is a women’s prison…”

— In 1994, in printers began to build jail-6 and you became head of the “women’s Bastille”, as then the common people called the detention facility?

— I built this prison, and then worked there for 16 years. Our chief Artemyev began to run for the Duma, wrote a letter to the pension, I temporarily took the Deputy chief of the regime. Then wrote me up for, I became the first female chief of the detention facility. Attorneys and investigators later confessed to me: “Thought I would see a lady-Grenadier sadistic. And then suddenly there is a woman in glasses, like a teacher.” I have tried to be an example for his subordinates to work came always ironed, combed, with a good mood.

Although it was tough the first couple. First brought hotblog that laundered camera. Then we got 600 people, I was on vacation, I said, “Go get some rest.” I was afraid that I may bring mothers with children who had been detained in the first detention center. I was assured that they would not be touched. And suddenly, on vacation I know that we bring the moms with children. Was not to rest. Urgently it was necessary in the conventional camera built-in food in order for kids to heat food, to wash them and perepelenat. Began to import Cribs, strollers. Found sponsors who gave us diapers, formula, bottles.

The children were from toddlers up to 3 years. We have built for them a yard with a Playground. I remember one little boy went for a walk with mom. And showing on the grass, asked: “what is it?” Before they walked only in a fully concreted yard.

— Women prisoners — a good mommy?

— I often remember one such mom. She was a minor, has left one child in the hospital, and was again about to give birth. We told her, “Well, why are you now child?”. She insisted: “Face it!” The baby was born, and both of them took to the stage to bring the colony closer to the place of residence of the mother, in Siberia. On the road we had to spend about three days. But in the prison car with a convicted child must be accompanying. Then the nurse came in tears, said: “I Will resign”. As soon as the mother entered the car, he immediately threw the child on the shelf and said, “I don’t need It”. And accompanying all the way fed and nursed the baby. A would-be mother to the baby never came. She thought when the baby is born, her some slack and let loose. The child is often such women are considered as the subject of manipulation.

I remember another woman, a Moldavian. She used to sit in Butyrka prison to mimic “acute abdomen”, escaped from the hospital. Operatives it caught on all stations, found and brought back. And then she came to us in the LTP. She already had two children, and she was going to give birth to the third. And no husband, just a roommate. And this poor guy not only raised her two biological children, but also the permission of the court and took third joint child. She always wore gear.

Suspects, defendants and convicts, who were expecting the escort in the colony, we tried as best to help in every way. It happened that they lost the kids for a long time did not write, we started to find them, called the district. Or someone left an open house when they were arrested. Contacted by the property to closed, sealed housing. Someone even designed the pension. And when there was not enough food, brought from their cottages to the insulator zucchini, potatoes, and vegetables. Then they broke into the prison gardens and put up greenhouses. Supplied to the common table radishes, greens. We also got help from Church, he brought us cucumbers and apples.

Is your feed on the territory of the SIZO-6 was a temple in honor of the Holy equal to the Apostles Mary Magdalene?

— According to the project it was not provided. This is supposed to be equipped only space for worship. In the Butyrka Ministers to the flock of father Nicholas (Matvienko). It turned out that he hails from the same village with my mother-in-law. We joined forces, and soon in one of the towers of the six stone was laid for the future Church.

During the construction of the detention facility head Umnyashkina fought for each tree. Photo: Press-service UFSIN across Moscow

— There is a perception that prisoners are women more trouble than men. They’re acting out, throwing tantrums, frustrated shouting, fighting with each other.

— Women are emotional. Remember, we have fought, not dividing shelves in the refrigerator, moms who had small children. One of them is Valentina (name changed), who went by the name “the bombers”. Their group was accused of a series of explosions, including at the FSB. Her cousin held a high position, and the woman’s lawyer appeared at our prison almost every day. Then asked me not to hurt Valentina, I asked her to transfer the grapes. And it lamented that the fight we are reprimanded.

By the way, the only time in all the years in connection with the case of “suicide” I was given security. Their organization had an extensive network. Someone from the anarchists called and said, “Umnyashkina must be eliminated”. I went to work, and work with security.

Basically, defendants in famous cases behaved. This also applies to the co-owner “Chara-Bank”, and mother of the founder of the holding company “Khoper-invest” and women-expert of the Hermitage, which was accused of forging paintings.

We sometimes were simultaneously mother and daughter, and two sisters. Then many of the inmates wrote us letters, sent telegrams of congratulations. Though we were on different sides of the grates, but were not each other’s enemies.

— How employees are “pink”, lesbian love?

— We do not approve of. Who in the General camera nice everyone is to watch? We do not welcome families, when untried together, eat together. As soon as we know about the formation of such groups, immediately accommodated. Because each family has a leader, and if two or three such families, they soon start to figure out who is more important, it begins sharing, which often ends in a fight.

— Many went to work in the prisons and detention facilities themselves soon begin to “pull on the hair dryer”. How not to merge with the criminal environment?

— As soon as I’m one of the women started to talk in the jargon, I stopped her: “I don’t understand. Can you explain in a normal language?” I have always addressed prisoners by name and tried not to raise his voice. They appreciate it.

— Probably in prison barred world was something funny?

— I went once to the camera and looking at one of the defendants, starting to laugh. Us sponsors then before the New year instead of sanitary pads issued tampons. On a nose holiday. Here is one of women have wound their hair into tampons as curlers.

We have had concerts, which were entitled to attend only hotblog. And one day call us out of the theater “Romen”: “Want to sing for women”. Came their producer, it was like we all discussed. And then he asks: “Just print the us out of the chamber one of the women”. I explain that I have no right to. He kind of agreed. They soon come all kagalom. And, coming on the scene, again asking to lead them to this woman, they say, with them, she’ll just sit, talk, eat. I said, “it will not.” They answered: “Well, then the concert won’t be”. Packed up and left.

— How many have you had in subjection to man?

— About 600 staff positions were only women. Men worked mostly in the protection mode.

— Who was fired?

— Happened. Remember, came to us from the police on duty assistant chief of the detention facility. Day worked normally, and in the evening, as I was told, was drunk. And then you can fire, if the examination confirms the presence of alcohol in the blood. I pretended that it was gone, she returned through the back door. He apparently sensed something and disappeared. I’ve been looking for him, but he hid. As a result, I took explanatory notes from employees and fired him.

— What experience have you got?

— Calendar — 45 years, and if you take into account grace, when the year is one and a half out of the experience more than I years! Since 2010, I have retired. Now heads the Council of veterans of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in Moscow. But I never cease to dream my sixth insulator. Eve would like to wish the staff to be honest and to protect their officers and non-commissioned rank. And don’t stop learning.

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