“The Chinese model Agency refused to consider fatigue the cause of death of 14-year-old Russians

– The death of Russian 14-year-old girl who worked in a Chinese modeling Agency contract, has not been caused by fatigue as a result of processing, said the representative of the employer.

“We are saddened by the fact that lost angel” – written in the Chinese equivalent of Twitter social network Weibo, one of the representatives of the company ESEE. He also denied earlier reports that the girl worked too much at the Shanghai fashion week.

The Executive Director of the ESEE Zheng And told the Chinese English language newspaper Global Times that the girl did not work more than eight hours, like all other models, and died six days after closing of the event.

Vlad breaks from Perm in November was 15 years. She worked for the company ESEE on a three month contract. Last Tuesday, she felt ill, was hospitalized. But doctors were powerless, and the girl died on Friday, October 27.

According to the Russian English-language newspaper the Siberian Times, she was ill with meningitis and died after a 13-hour operation at the show.

According to Chinese legislation, the work related to cultural, sports and other similar activities can engage children under the age of 16 with the permission of the authorities.

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