The family of a policeman shot down on Novy Arbat “cleaves”, has paid out substantial compensation

Compensation for the death of 32-year-old inspector Sergey Grachev shot down in September on the New Arbat, the “Mercedes” with numbers of series AMR (according to some, reserved for garage FSB), paid security forces. Relatives do not have to anybody claims.


As previously reported, “MK”, inspector of the 2nd specola DPS on spectrace GU MVD in Moscow was killed while on duty on September 25. Grachev was waiting for the passage of emergency vehicles, so around 22.00 went to the dividing line of the New Arbat. For some time before the VIP-a car, another with AMR, who committed the fatal accident.

The driver (according to unofficial information, it was the warrant officer of the FSB) have not noticed the headlights of an oncoming car. Grachev has received terrible injuries and died on the spot.

The inspector buried on 27 September, ritual events paid MIA. Not so long ago, the family of the deceased compensation. From Grachev’s left a wife Catherine and two boys (boys are 5 years and 1.5 years old). The family lived in a “kopeck piece” parents Catherine (only lived there 8 people, including the sister of the child).

As we have learned, the widow gave comfortable two-bedroom flats, and 2 million roubles through the Ministry of interior. And from the security officers were paid 4 million. In addition, Catherine entitled to a pension before the age of 18 children.

— We were satisfied — said the human mom of the inspector Svetlana. — In addition to a solid compensation I and spouse were appointed a lifetime pension for loss of breadwinner. All payments already received.

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