“The media learned about the plans to reduce Russia’s military presence in Syria

In the case of translating the plan into action will focus on political settlement of the crisis

The Russian military at the airbase in Hamim, Silifat TASS Sergei Bobylev

The Russian military is counting on Syria to withdraw from the part of the military contingent and equipment. According to “Kommersant”, citing a military-diplomatic sources, the final decision should be taken by President Vladimir Putin.

Plans to reduce the Russian military support associated with the successful struggle of the Syrian government troops with the “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (a group banned in Russia), I believe the sources. The defense Ministry claim that Assad’s army controls about 95% of the territory of the Republic, and for the final victory over the terrorists extensive support is not required.

If the military-political leadership will take the option of reducing, said the source “Kommersant”, it will affect the mixed group on the basis of the basis of Hamim in the province of Latakia — part of the equipment and troops will be sent to the place of permanent service. Syria will remain the number of military needed to protect objects in Hamima and Tartus, and military and police advisors. Should be the air defense system, covering the Russian objects — among them the s-400 system.

The defense Ministry told the publication that while plans to reduce the Russian military presence in Syria is not. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that such decisions “do not announce”.

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