“The media reported about the visit of the former head of Catalonia Pokdemon in Brussels

– The former head of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Pujdeme is in the Belgian capital Brussels, announced Monday the Spanish newspaper El Periódico. A number of Spanish media reported that he had received from the authorities of Spain the confirmation of the information about finding Pokdemon in Belgium.

In turn, the newspaper “Vanguardia” reported that together with the former head of the Catalan Generalitat in Brussels arrived a few former members of his government. Earlier it was reported that some members of the Generalitat de Catalunya, previously dismissed by the government of Spain, on Monday came to work and posted pictures of proof.

In turn, Putteman instagram posted a photo from the Palace of the Generalitat, by signing it: “Good day”.

Bon dia 😊

Publication from Carles Puigdemont (@carlespuigdemont) Oct 29 2017 11:39 PDT

The government of Spain granted to members of the government of Catalonia time to pick up personal belongings from public buildings. At the same Madrid has warned the Catalan officials that if they try to continue working in their former agencies against them to press charges.

The Spanish government last week sacked the regional government of Catalonia and dissolved the Catalan Parliament, then Madrid took over the management of this Autonomous community. These measures followed the announcement of the Catalan Parliament’s independence.

It is planned that the management of the Catalonia from Madrid will run until the December elections in this Autonomous community.

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