The Ministry has determined how to pay benefits to retirees without registration

To facilitate access to pensions to the Russians without a residence permit plans to the Ministry of labor. The Department prepared the necessary draft order.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Innovations relate to social pensions. This is payment the old-age, survivors ‘ and disability. As explained “MK” in the Ministry of labor, according to current rules the basis for calculating such money is a document confirming permanent residence in our country. The Ministry noted that foreigners and stateless persons this paper is a residence permit. For the Russians, having a housing, a stamp in the passport on registration at the place of residence. But the citizens not resident, in fact, the system fell — for such people, the Foundation for the establishment of social pensions do not exist. When you start to work new rules, the situation will change. Become a pensioner of the Russians without a residence permit on the basis of the passport and personal statement. In addition, the updated rules will be spelled out in order for the inhabitants of orphanages and nursing homes. Them for registration of disability pensions, old age or after the death of his parents enough to bring officials a certificate from the school. The stationery you will need and for prisoners who are serving a criminal sentence in prison or the correctional center. In the new rules is one important caveat. Citizen without a residence permit will have to wear pension Fund statement that he continues to live on Russian soil and do not have decided to move abroad. However, such visits to different institutions do not need those who retire bring postmen.

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