The mysterious death of a rocket, the veteran, sitting on the windowsill, fell down

The veteran troops of the missile defense 80-year-old Anatoly’s milashevsky, was found dead early Sunday morning in the yard of his house in the street Decembrists. According to friends, the man in recent years suffered from an incurable disease and virtually never left the apartment.

Anatoly’s milashevsky, 1988

As it became known “MK”, about 8.40 residents of the neighboring home saw an elderly man dressed in dark clothing, sitting on the windowsill of the open window on the 10th floor. A few minutes later the man fell down. Eyewitnesses of the tragedy caused “ambulance”. Ten minutes later came the ambulance, but doctors could only ascertain the death of a Muscovite.

It was later revealed that the deceased name was Anatoly’s milashevsky. He’s ex-military, in 1990, was discharged with the rank of Colonel. During his service in the army he participated in the creation of a highly intelligent system ABOUT the second generation A-135 (or “Cupid”). For the analysis one of the series starts AT PR-1000 and the identification of a latent defect in her equipment was awarded the medal “For military merit”. He was a member of the Regional public organization “Veterans of the landfill”.

Anatoly’s milashevsky in the last year and a half very ill, did not attend our meetings, said that he found it difficult to walk, but more on what did not complain, — has told “MK” the President of the Council of the organization “Veterans of the polygon ABOUT” Sergey Bolshakov.

According to him, it’s milashevsky lived with his wife Elena. Before the disease rocketeer they loved to travel.

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