The Norwegians confirmed the discovery of the Spitsbergen wreckage of a Russian Mi-8

The Norwegians confirmed the information about the discovery of the wreckage of Mi-8 of airline “Konvers-Avia”, crashed near the Spitsbergen archipelago.

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia.

As stated by the Deputy Governor of Spitsbergen Takes Sagfossen representatives of the Russian operational group, “I can confirm that today (29 Oct. — “MK”) at 06.20 were found the helicopter at a depth of 200 m. the Place of discovery in the sea, 2.1 km from Cape Heer. We are now called the Consul General of Russia in Barentsburg”. Sagfossen explained that the helicopter was discovered in one of two Norwegian underwater vehicles. Any information about the crew and passengers of the crashed helicopter from the Norwegian rescuers there. “We have a photo of the helicopter, said Sagfossen. We can confirm that the missing Mi-8”.

In the area of searches profit divers of EMERCOM of Russia, State Central airmobile rescue team “Centrospas” and Center for rescue operations at particular risk “Leader”. They will use submersibles to survey the location of the helicopter. Only a part of the Russian operational group — more than 40 rescuers, including 17 of divers with a permit to conduct search and rescue operations at great depths.

As previously reported, on Board the Mi-8 were eight Russian citizens — five crew members and three employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic. The helicopter made flight from the preserved Russian settlement on Svalbard — Pyramid — in the current Russian settlement Barentsburg. It was assumed that the helicopter was about to land at Cape Heer near Barentsburg.

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