“The number of victims of attack on hotel in Somalia exceeded 25 people

– The death toll in the attack on the hotel Nasa-Hablod 2 near the Palace of President of Somalia in Mogadishu has reached 27 people, passed on Sunday, Western media, citing data from the authorities.

In the world29 Oct 2017В Somalia detained three attackers at a hotel in Mogadiscio read more

Meanwhile, the information Minister of Somalia, Osman Abdirahman reported that the head of Somali intelligence and the chief of police was dismissed in connection with the incident.

The suicide bomber detonated installed in the car bomb at the hotel Nasa-Hablod 2, located near the presidential residence. After a few minutes exploded near a minibus loaded with explosives. Then came the attack on the hotel.

Somali security forces managed to kill two of the attackers, but three more captured.

Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group “Al-Shabab”.

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