“The Odessa police explained reports of the seizure of the military unit arrival of the builders

Previously, the command of air forces of VSU, said that unknown people in balaclavas were taken away from the part of the property of war

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– The police of the Odessa region contradict the official statement of the Armed forces of Ukraine about raider capture of the military unit near Odessa and claim that the place came to ordinary builders and began work near the military base, not on it.

“I want to refute the information spread by the press service. Indeed, the duty of got the message about these actions. Police went to the scene and found that, first, construction work referred to, are adjacent to military unit territory, i.e. abroad. The Builder has all the necessary documents from the local authorities”, – said Advisor to the head of the National police in Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak the TV channel “112 Ukraine” on Sunday.

In addition, according to him, surveying the chamber and studied the materials, the police found that from the morning to the military unit of the person “is not “aunts” or unidentified individuals in balaclavas and ordinary construction workers who built your fence with the help of technology”. “The normal building process without violence and “aunts,” – said adviser to the head of the regional Department of the national police.

The Forostyak reported that between military unit and business representatives there are land disputes.

In мире29 Oct 2017Украинские military said the theft of their property c of object in Dessicating read more

According to the adviser of the head of the regional Department of the national police, no proceedings in connection with incidents, the police did not open.

Also Forostyak added that the property about the export of which is stated in the unit, it is actually debris.

On the morning of 29 October, the command of air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine reported about the attempt of raider capture of military facility and stealing military property.

The statement said that about 40 people in balaclavas, made an attempt of raider seizure of the territory of a military facility, which is owned by the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. In particular, it was said that unknown persons partially dismantled the fence of the military unit А3571 and taken military property in an unknown direction.

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