The rescuers examined the fuselage of the crashed Mi-8

The rescuers descended into the deep sea remotely operated vehicle “Falcon” to explore the wreck of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter near the Norwegian Spitsbergen archipelago.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“Falcon” was submerged at 200 meters depth that the experts were able to examine the fuselage and the blades of the MI-8. According to the MOE, the apparatus worked inside and outside the victim of the wreck of the machine.

In the MOE explained that the study will determine which way the helicopter can raise from the bottom, reports RIA Novosti.

Recall, the Russian helicopter of airline “Konvers Avia”, on Board of which were eight people, crashed on October 26. The aircraft was found three days later in 2 km from Cape Heer in the Barents sea.

Meanwhile, the RIA Novosti source in the focal point of the search and rescue operation reported that the bodies of the crew members and passengers, most likely located inside the fuselage of the aircraft, since the examination of the helicopter robot “Falcon” on the outside to detect them failed.

In the works at the scene involved more than 40 employees of the Ministry of emergency situations. On one of versions, the helicopter crash could be the result of pilot error in adverse weather conditions.

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“There was a video exploration of the space of the crash of Mi-8 in the Greenland sea”


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