“The Spanish Minister intend at least to intervene in the management of Catalonia

Member of the government of Spain, which began on Monday in accordance with the decree of the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to the management of Blanca, are not planning to make changes to an existing in Catalan bodies of Executive power of the hierarchy, the newspaper El Pais, citing its own sources.

Rajoy called on members of his government to ensure that the Catalan authorities its major functions up to the local elections that will be held on December 21.

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However, given that the leaders of the 11 major structures of the Generalitat (Executive government) of Catalonia the Madrid suspended from work, the Spanish Minister, the first thing they intend to contact next in the hierarchy of managers to ensure that they are ready to work together.

According to the newspaper, Madrid is not going to spend new appointments to key positions in Catalonia and does not intend to amend the work plans of the Catalan government. “We ask what are the main business issues are on the agenda and ask (Catalan colleagues – if) continue to fulfill the obligations to citizens”, – told the newspaper one of the members of the Spanish government.

“There is no evidence that the members of the Central government are going to settle in Catalonia. According to sources, they are going to visit Catalonia in an emergency and will do so as gently as possible”, – the newspaper writes.

As reported, the Spanish government last week sacked the regional government of Catalonia and dissolved the Catalan Parliament, then Madrid took over the management of this Autonomous community. These measures followed the announcement of the Catalan Parliament’s independence.

It is planned that the management of the Catalonia from Madrid will run until the December elections in this Autonomous community.

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