Toast vs Kvyat: why the Russian pilot pointed to the door

In terms of the imminent (or already happened) the death of the intrigue in world Cup racing in the class “Formula-1” the most discussed topic in the segment of “big prizes” in Russia was the termination of the contract Toro Rosso with a Russian pilot Daniil Kviat. This is quite understandable: the rotation at the behest of the riders usually mean career growth, and change “top” to immediately give rise to conspiracy theories. But neither anti-Russian sentiment or McLaren (which man, not team) or EU sanctions in the case of 23-year-old pilot from Ufa to do with it.

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In the structure of Red Bull Racing “Formula 1” two teams, between which is periodically rotated. In late 2012, the Australian pilot with average results Daniele Ricciardo said that is likely to stop looking for happiness in the “Formula 1”, but after some time, unexpectedly for himself not only kept a place there, but went on increasing. Talented guy from Russia, which RBR led from the youth series, soon repeated this way, but coming to a team which won the world Championships, Sebastian Vettel, proved to be fatal for him. Common mistakes and retirements of the race not their fault is one thing, but a controversial action on the track is another. It was after the home Grand Prix, where Kvyat wanted to show off that threw off the track Vettel (as a Ferrari driver) was the final straw for the authorities. Perhaps the demotion of the pilot, and imennno transfer back to the camp of Toro Rosso became for Russians a blow to the ego, from which he never recovered.

If you take the season, the statistics plays on the side of Ufa pilot. Especially against teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. He went to the 9th place overall, Daniel is on the 19th, the last of the number scored. Twice two at the finish line in 9th place. Against the background of General problems of the team, including engines, waiting for her new blow: Sainz outbids the factory Renault team, which these engines and supplies.

But the leader of the “bulls” Franz Toast Kvyat requests to vacate the chair before the have a chance to get and try in the promising Frenchman Pierre went Out, which was done. So that the return of Daniel to race at the Grand Prix of the USA became a temporary phenomenon. The Russians tried and was able for the third time in the season to get into the end zone (the tenth), but it was not a very convincing argument, especially since the Toast as a Director of the subsidiary team alone solves very little. Meanwhile, the second car trusted new Zealander Brendon Hartley, but for how long is still unknown.

They say that in RBR well to do career of the racer. This is a huge school of pilots spread across the world and do not consider means for the establishment of new talents. But here’s the problem: talent grows every year much more than the numbers of vacancies the main racing series on the planet. One false step and you’re on the sidelines. This is where definitely not irreplaceable…

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