Video teen violence: school girl beat the boy kicked in the face

Over the weekend, the Network got a hard-hitting video. In the frame — a teenage girl is brutally beaten by a flimsy guy. The final blow falls right in the face boys. In this 3-minute “cinema not for all” is dropped.

Video posted on the popular online public Zelenograd — the city where the events unfolded. In a few hours the video attracted more than 700 responses. Not refrain from comments and the main heroine of scandal Alina (the name is changed. — Ed.): “He insulted my mother. I for his action will never be ashamed”.

“MK” contacted friends of the initiator of the fight and guy girl knocked out.

photo: a frame from the video

The video was written a little over three minutes. Venue — the football box. In broad daylight, four girls and two boys “hammered arrow” to sort things out.

In the picture there are three strong girls in tracksuits. In front of them — two lads. Both a head shorter girls.

Who against whom? — asked one of the audience.

— Against this — the same Alina, the girl in the black sweatshirt with the words “Pit bull” is a puny guy in a gray jacket.

— Come on, take it off, talking to the friend operator.

Voice-over: “I shoot”. Then “operator” represents the names of all participants of the video. Three girls lined the wall opposite the boys. Ladies trimmed hair, rolled up his sleeves.

— Let’s start — encouraged the voice-overs. — There’s three of you, two of them, why are you?

A few seconds Alina gets a kick to the boy. He immediately falls down. The girl climbs on it. Continues to beat.

Voice-over: “wow”. Shooting does not stop.

— Fine, let the market respond? nodding his head to someone in the crowd.

The guy lying on the ground. Doesn’t look up. Strikes continue. The ribs, feet, back.

— You called my mother a whore — went into a rage Alina and again raised his fist over the head of the kid. — You who called them?

The boy does not move.

— Well, it’s a debacle — voice-over.

Meanwhile, someone from random onlookers shouts from afar: “You thing”. And the side of the guy flying advice: “Kid, get out”. However, none of the witnesses does not risk getting involved in a conflict.

— Let is responsible for the market, did not hesitate prying instigator of the conflict. — Everything is normal.

The boy barely audible muttering to himself. To finish off the supine takes friend Alina. It slows down: “do Not go”. And again the boy gets a punch in the gut, turns back.

— Everyone in their mother will kill the girl explains to him. Even if does not love her.

The boy wipes his tears. Eye noticeable bruise.

— Hurt me, ‘ chirps a teenager. In response to receiving a powerful blow to the stomach. — No, please — the boy buried his face in his hands. The last kick came to his face.

The boy sobbed aloud. Girls are removed. One of the present notice on the ground of the coin: “Oh, the money lost someone.”


— Alina I know well, she is studying in one of the best high schools in Zelenograd, in the 7th grade, says the classmate responsible for the conflict. — Beaten the boy goes to another school. It seems he wrote something in her Network began to call, to insult her mother, she figured it out and decided to punish. Apparently, the boy did not understand with whom communicates. Alina is an aggressive girl, if anyone talked about her or about her family badly, she immediately climbed into the fray, without trying to negotiate. She’s in our school moved in September. Say, from another school it “asked” it is because of such incidents. With the beginning of the year on her account for several of the fights were. She doesn’t care, she understands that the punishment does not threaten her as a minor. Last spring she posted a selfie from the police station. Laughed then. In early October of this year she started a fight, beat boy, which is something not said. Fortunately, the boy escaped with bruises. After which she wrote a report, but no one can punish her did not. Just made a comment: “we’re So sorry”. The next day, she again put up a fight. At school I have not seen it; teachers say that she was sent to a special school.

Page Alina in social networks available today. While the injured guy is permanently removed from social networks.

Girl looks is not impressive. The average teenager. Elongated Kare, sports style clothing. On one of her cards with the inscription: “Die, if you don’t love me”. Alina — fan of Viktor Tsoi, the administrator of the public “Mom I’m not a girl”. Recently set a personal status: “Hashtag in jail.” Subscribed to group: “Street fight”, “Teenage scum”, “Mad”, “Burned skins. School?”, “Today’s children”.

Alina is an active participant in social networks. Often puts posts. Here’s the latest: “Day by day, alcohol, tobacco”, “Petsana mne! Quickly. Pojalusta”, “Children of porches”, “Padmaji don’t shave and books do not sit down”, “Oh. Right now would be in 2К17 for vodka to fight.”

Alina herself explained his behavior: “the Kid began to call my mother. I do not forgive this. She came to the police station after the beating. I was beaten just like that. No one statement I didn’t. I have problems in the family. With me you can’t talk. I’m mentally damaged. One time I was in a mental hospital was almost taken away. And I get no run up. Know that I and a knife can stab”.

To protect Alina stood her pals.

— The guy had it coming, says a familiar girl. — Before Alina studied at my school. She was expelled for bad behavior. This boy began to insult her online. It warned: “Be careful,” but he wouldn’t listen. He knew that Alina — afnic. There is a movement, where are the guys who chase “arrows” going to the huge companies, arrange fights for the football team or the wrong clothes. Hence the expression: “explaining the Exodus”. Alina even on his page posting photos of their broken knees. She constantly fights. The boy began to accuse her badly brought up. So he got what he deserved.

We contacted the friend of the injured boy.

Alina had hurt a friend of Basil (name changed. — Ed.) and he decided to stand up for a friend, says a classmate of the guy. — Posted by Alina: they say, why hurt the children? She replied Mat. Bob could not resist. Also said too much. That’s the whole story. It was possible to solve all of the world. But this girl was taught.

— A statement to the police the boy’s parents wrote?

— Like I wrote. But the Basil is afraid to continue and asks parents to take a statement.

— How does he feel?

Says, that’s good. A concussion is not. The eye was not injured. Maybe comes up, it is a shame to him after this story. All classmates saw his tears. Because of this, he worries most.

Law enforcement bodies yet do not give comments about it. It is known that the incident with the beating of a teenager in Zelenograd engaged and the children’s Ombudsman Yevgeny Bunimovich.

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