What do you think about Spartak and the Russian Cup Selikhov and Tikhonov

In this episode of the football conversations and talked to people whose names recently at all on hearing. Both trying to make history with their new teams, both surprises.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The legend of “Spartak” and nowadays the head coach of Samara “wings of the Soviets” – unexpected exit in a quarterfinal of the Cup of Russia and the upcoming meeting with the red-and-white.

– Your team was the author of the main sensation of the next stage of the Cup tournament. Some bookmakers estimate the probability of victory “Wings” in Kazan, a 5:1 ratio. And this is not surprising, even with all the problems the team Berdyev. And how you yourself felt like an outsider before this meeting?

– Do not feel absolutely. The Cup is a one night, one meeting. And we knew how to play against “Rubin”.

– Another, somewhat smaller surprise was the departure of “Enisey” where you worked last summer. However, in the first division championship, the team, led by now your friends Alenichev and Titov, confidently are in the lead. Don’t beat yourself up over the decision to change the team in such a controversial, to put it bluntly, the situation?

– In any case, this cannot be considered. In Krasnoyarsk faced with situations that I categorically did not like. And still a few rounds to finish warned the head of the club that he intends to leave. He is perfectly aware of this, but nothing changed.

– Can you explain what are you talking about?

– No, let it remain with me. But another way to do it.

In Samara, I hope everything is in order, and no similar problems?

– Everything is fine. Here only points lost in the last time considerably – it is necessary to correct the situation. The task of returning to the Premier League – the main on the agenda.

– From what I saw in Kazan, the impression that the “Wings” of the opponent is not inferior in essence to the games. What words do you say to the players that they acquired that even a few cheeky confidence?

We have a lot of players have passed the crucible of the Premier League is a skilled craftsmen, they are no one to scare. Plus there are talented young people who torn up. So we’ve got this ambitious team. Of course, certain words spoken, but in Kazan, the guys said their actions on the field. Yes, Rubin had a few moments when the score was 1:2, but the guys suffered, sdyuzhil. We also had a lot of opportunities to score in the counterattack.

On the way to the Cup you beat two teams in the Premier League, including its leader Lokomotiv. Feel the opponents of higher rank a disregard for the tournament, what they say is not the first year?

– Yes, not all of the elite team come on the 1/16 finals with the main teams. But we had to deal with the strongest. Lokomotiv played only Farfan, Yes Alexey miranchuk played in the second half. Berdyev has exposed all the best. It was very interesting to test ourselves against basic formulations strong teams. And I believe, was quite happy that don’t play with reservists. We can say that in that sense we were lucky. Understand what stand today, playing on the floor below.

– In addition to the “Locomotive”, it just disappears and “Zenith” and CSKA, and already in just 11 Premier League clubs out of 16. At the first stage of their participation in the competition. What you need to do in order to increase the motivation of the elite, the prestige of the tournament in the end? Here Gazzaev offers to call the tournament the President’s Cup, from whose hands he should be awarded…

If that happens, it will be a huge extra motivation. Then the money will recede into the background, and no one would have thought that we should win as many as five games to touch the trophy. It is affected by all other strings.

Now the tournament table has brought you together with Spartak. As a coach you are against the club, which became a legend, not yet acted. But right after reaching the quarter-finals told today that Spartacus would be passed in “Wings” ice skating rink. That will change by March 1, when you play whether in Moscow or in Samara?

– We understand the difference, the more “Spartak” today looks very good. But one game can be anything you like.

– Does it matter where this meeting will send a lot?

Of course, when 20-25 thousand people rooting for you, not the opponent is a big plus. I would like to bring to Samara this feast of football. On the “Wings” go, so for us it is especially important.

– If you pass “Spartak”, no one seriously “Amkar” and “Tosno” in the tournament will remain. The road to the Europa League will be open?

– How? This is all the teams in the Premier League. And we still rank below. But we will play to win in every match. Then he and the Cup.

Alexander SELIKHOV: Our fans still reach the stadium

Goalkeeper of “Spartacus” – another missed victory, their success and their return leg with Sevilla.

On Saturday “Spartak” again has missed the last minutes of the game, now from “Rostov”. For the eighth time, to think that the champion gets the advantage obtained in the course of the match! How is it possible to explain?

The question is not at. I have my own function in the team who are trying to accomplish.

– A week ago “Spartak” too could get the ball from “Amkara” in the endgame, when the judge has not appointed obvious a penalty in gate your. First you said that Idowu was not shot down, but then in social networks wrote, “I Admit, it can be”. You also need repetition, like our judicial superiors?

– It was originally my mistake – shouldn’t even be allowed to comment on anything. The fact is, the officiating Department, all sorts of committees and commissions. My job is to play, not to disassemble the episodes.

Your triumphant ascent began on September 26, in the match against Liverpool, when on the 68th minute to replace the injured Rebrov. How does it feel to enter such a game in the climax?

– That evening all we wanted to achieve a positive result for the club and the mood was appropriate. Not warmed up, but was mentally prepared. Although, of course, to enter this game very difficult.

Before, you had four meetings in August. After the defeat and hail conceded CSKA and “Locomotive” Carrera put you in Khabarovsk. But removed after a goalless draw. It is clear that the question of the logic of the action is to you, but for himself some kind of explanation?

– Mister, as I understand it, didn’t want to break me psychologically. Although, he forbid me to play in Khabarovsk, I would have understood it. It would be a normal reaction. But the coach supported me.

– Then you played a Cup match in Krasnodar, again, “zero”, and again sat down on the bench. Even given the fact that the team plays twice a week, like the goalie rotation for the big football nonsense.

– The Cup most teams generally produce mixed compositions, and goalkeepers certainly change, usually playing a backup. So here all is logical.

– The most difficult ball you pulled last time?

Even those saves against Sevilla, which so effectively looked on TV, when I hit the ball far hand, was not so difficult. For example, in the first half of the Task blocked the near corner that helped me in the cast to cope with the impact Krohn-Dehli. Well, the most disturbing moment came when I already anything could not help. Well, that Dmitry Kombarov saved.

– Sevilla finally won on Saturday in their League, again not showing the whole game. But it is unlikely to facilitate the life of “Spartacus”, which, in our wounded and therefore even more dangerous beast?

There is no doubt that Sevilla will be extremely dangerous going to want to rehabilitate before their fans, before the city that loves football. After all, they lost devastating not only to us but to the championship of La Liga. In any case, we will make every effort to withstand any onslaught and to be different themselves.

– “Spartak” ahead “Seville” on a point. A draw in Spain will suit you or considering departure to Liverpool will try to play to win?

Any eyeglass purchase can be considered a positive result.

– How can affect the lack of support from the Spartak fans, who are denied entrance to the stadium from-for thrown in Slovenia firecrackers?

– I think they will still be at the stadium. Be sure to penetrate. And we’ll hear them.

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