14-year-old girl survived after falling from the fifth floor

Because of suffering over lovers jumped from the fifth floor of the house on the Avenue Marshal Zhukov, 14-year-old girl on the evening of 30 October. She survived, but received serious injuries.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK” in the fateful day of trouble, foretold nothing a teenager was acting normally. Although her mother and 13-year-old sister knew that in the soul of the girl survives because of her breakup with Beau, who is a year older. The students walked several times, the young admirer gave roses and field daisies, and recently gave the heave-Ho.

The girl did her best, and crippled her TEXT messages that guy sent around 22.00, — a message was in the nature of farewell.

As soon as the nurse left the room, the girl jumped down. Medics took her to the hospital, identified in the intensive care unit. Serious injuries: internal injuries, fractures. While predictions on the timing of the recovery of health doctors do not put. Mom (she is raising daughters alone) reported on the tragedy of the daughter of school teachers. Gentleman decided not to bother.

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