A scandal in the colony “snowy owl”: freaks and surrender

In the most terrible prison Russia — the so-called colony for life-term prisoners — “snowy owl”, located in the Kingdom of permafrost in settlement Harp Jamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, is the scandal broke. The employee of a colony Yury Mandrykina accused that he made “wards” to write the surrender, confessing to crimes they did not commit (one of them allegedly even had a high-profile murder of Anna Politkovskaya and Paul Klebnikov).

photo: Eva Markachev

The confession of a man who has already received a life sentence, is a dangerous thing. It’s not about the occasions when he admits to his own misdeeds, to cleanse the soul. What if he will take on the terrible crimes of others — and those left unpunished, will make new and new?

But there is a completely different twist. What if he, on the contrary, I will honestly declare that I have made loud murder which sits someone else, and for “disclosure without delay” of this crime, the head of the local Directorate of the interior Ministry, the FSB, the Prosecutor of the region have received awards, the title of extraordinary (that is, in fact, for what rolled completely innocent man)? You really think they all will be happy, repent and immediately correct the error?

50-year-old jailer Yuri Mandrykin finally got the time for “recruiting business” (the court sentenced him to 3.5 years for “abuse of office”). Recently he was released and told “MK” about the peculiarities of life in “Polar owl” and about how and why convicted serial killers write turnout.

Repentance pedophile

In a nutshell — the essence of the scandal. Senior officer of the colony Yury Mandrykin with recidivist Vadim Zhuravlev (it was placed in the camera to the desired prisoner) beat a false confession. It was written only 190 surrenders in less than a year.

Yuri Mandrykin

Why was this necessary? Supposedly so the operative Mandrykin wanted to get the next rank, to curry favor, and leave the ends of the earth, moving on to the increase in white stone. At least that’s the way it is presented to the media. And told me that Mandrykin personally beat prisoners. So those, in fact, wrote appearance under torture. Stopped the conveyor, the papers, the investigator Kolesnikov from Yekaterinburg.

Until the trial was over Mr. Mandrykina, Kolesnikov willingly gave interviews and told some interesting details. As, for example, the jailer was looking for stories for surrenders in the Internet. Read online about some high-profile criminal case, found out the details and then went to the prisoner: “Confess that in this murder.” But the criminal news for the number of surrenders was not enough, so he included a fantasy. The warden laid before the next prisoner was satin, he chose a town and then think of how they killed the victim dismembered and burned the body. In the end the result went the wrong way. Kolesnikov gives an example, and I quote: “Convict Zhukov, who wrote an appearance on rape in St. Petersburg, took back for investigation. But investigators were surprised that he did could not identify. In the end, Zhukov himself refused to appear. Such appearances were 28”.

And that’s how it was unexpected to get a letter in the “MK” from “the Polar owl”, signed by… Vladimir Zhukov! I’ve never before experienced such mixed feelings while reading the correspondence. After all, the author — a 45-year-old killer nicknamed the Nizhny Novgorod Chikatilo and Wandering Maniac. As he told us, has a higher education, was fond of computers has grown to the head of the computer Department, and then I saw on the Internet video and away we go… on 15 September 2008 the Nizhniy Novgorod regional court found him guilty of 3 murders and 11 rapes children…

photo: Eva Markachev
Vladimir Zhukov

The convict repents in the letter that slandered the jailer. Allegedly tormented conscience. But first, do these thugs ever conscience? Second, at the time, only when the case was filed on Mandrykina, in one of the Newspapers have received letters from prisoners from “the Polar owl”, where they denounced the jailer. Who to believe?

Zhukov sent a copy of their official request to the Prosecutor General with a demand to remove him from the number of victims Mandrykina. Not too late right?

Mandrykin already did the time from bell to bell in Nizhny Tagil. Recently released, returned to the Harp. No job, no home, no family, no good name. It is hardly necessary to spare “the werewolf”, but the story is too confusing and ambiguous. And in a letter to Zhukov there is something past that does not pass. By the way, in the criminal case against Mandrykina in the end only two victims, a pedophile Zhukov and Kuznetsov crime boss.

Chamber song of major Evsyukova

“I was recognized as a victim under false criminal cases against an innocent man Mandrykina Yu. p., starts his letter in the “MK” bug. — I was involved in this disgrace under threat of physical violence on the part of the investigator in UrFO SU RF IC captain Kolesnikov just because of the fact that he was the second victim is very necessary to confirm the lie of the first — Kuznetsova. I don’t care whether revealed to the world the truth about the innocence Mandrykina, but it is important that I did not participate in this lie and would be removed from the list ljepotica. The whole trial of Mandrykina I sat with my head down not to look into the eyes of someone slandered. I couldn’t stand to hear it neighbors, friends, colleagues told me that he spent half his life in “hot spots.” Moreover, at the very moment when the investigator Kolesnikov with my help fabricated a case against him, he was on another trip in the Caucasus.”

— Bugs? He wrote to me — starts Yuri Mandrykin, to whom we showed the letter to the editor. We talked with the ex-jailer a few days, but on the phone, because he’s thousands of kilometers from Moscow, in Kharp, and, in fact, homeless people: service housing was taken from him.

— Repented of beetles in those letters. I’m angry. I just talked to the investigator and to the judge: in vain you bring in against me convicted. I have no claims to them. All in the prison system know what my relationship with them. As we say, “human beings”.

— Why did you come to jail to work? Is it a childhood dream?

— I graduated from the Higher school of MIA of the USSR, settled in the CID. And then from there got into the Harp. Then once the house was given to those who are on a secondment, plus any surcharges. I come from the Middle Volga region, so the severe climate, permafrost does not scare me. I am physically strong, never in all the service was not sick.

At first I worked as an operative in penal colony IK-3 (it is also in Kharp), and then, in 2005, was translated into “snowy owl”. The whole way I was “earth worker”. In my experience another leadership position long occupied, and I wasn’t wanted. I don’t have hairy arms, and I was not a sycophant, because I didn’t like.

— And what at you was impressed by the “snowy owl”? Still sitting there alone “pozhiznenniki”…

— For me nothing really new. Although the specifics are in any colony. Even in the same region of the colony of the same mode are different from each other.

In “the Polar owl” the main feature of the camera system. Prisoners live in cells for 2-4 people. They move only in handcuffs in flexion (head to knees), always in uniform, etc.

By the way, there are not only maniacs. There is a professional assassin. There are repeat offenders, who all his life spent in prison.

In “the Polar owl” does not work “the concept of thieves” and no division of colors. For example, yesterday’s “looking” for the whole region today sits together with the “offended” at the table. And all they have in common — mugs, bowls.

— Is this possible? I can’t believe the thieves have not tried to change such orders…

— “Gypsy-mail” is distributed to detainees immediately. When our “tenants” was still in jail, they already knew where they were lucky to serve his sentence and what awaits them there. So were all mentally prepared. And no prerequisites to “rock mode” did not do. I know it’s futile. When my colony was not a single rebellion. Fact. After I was trying to escape, but it was stopped — the convict was only able to get out of the exercise yard.

The convicted persons are the same, and they behave about the same. What is a terrorist, that maniac, the murderer made no difference.

— And how did the infamous Onkar?

— Yes, like everyone else. I was the first who talked to him, when he still drove and got to the quarantine. I thought it was completely normal. I have explained to him all the rules. Remember, you said that we except him are former law enforcement officers. It helped him to relax a little — he thought he is the only convicted to life in prison police. Depressed he looked. What’s in his head, it was hard to say. More and more he was silent, listening.

photo: Eva Markachev
Denis Evsyukov

— Is it true that he was in a cell with Pichushkin?

— No. They never were together. Generally it is most difficult to choose a cellmate. In the family and some people swear constantly, and there are day and night together with someone.

And Pichushkin pretty quiet prisoner. I would even call it kind of amazing.

The do not ask unnecessary questions, if you have an appointment, it is usually asked only of the newspaper. Conflicts.

photo: Eva Markachev
Alexander Pichushkin

Read the material: “the Bitsa maniac Pichushkin: “First, kill a few people, rape a woman”

As “Bitsa maniac” came up with new victims

— The duties of the operative colony is to investigate crimes?

— His responsibilities (in addition to the prevention of escapes, suppression of illegal actions of prisoners and staff, a variety of emergencies in the institution) include the disclosure of crimes of last years. But no regulations on surrenders no.

— Why do prisoners write such a turnout?

— Some people want to clear their conscience, to remove sin from the soul. They understand that the worst may not be, time and so they have the maximum, and the death penalty there. Here they talk about their misdeeds, which were not disclosed. The situation may be different. For example, the victim is still missing, family looking for her, I hope. And he confesses where he hid the corpse, which must be detected to close to at least bury the man with dignity. Or that the convict confessed to the crime for which put another innocent.

— Do the result immediately recognize this error and human released into the wild?

— It’s a painful subject. Actually, because of this story and began my prosecution…

— And what self-interest can be the defendant in writing of the surrender, including a fake?

— A desire to change the situation. After the surrender of the sentenced are taken to the city where allegedly the crime was committed, to the place of investigation. Usually in this city, they are in jail, there is the other mode, light weight. In General, many of our customers like to ride around the country. Me one said, “now write five surrenders Perm will go back, and next year another five to Kazan and there and then”. He, by the way, their appearances told about the real crimes that were unsolved cases. And some exaggerated or even invented. But it’s my job to take the attendance, check it has a result. Usually they’re sent to me after each appearance came. I left them alone with the person. Said, “Maybe he lied to me, and will tell you the truth”. And after these conversations some prisoners from appearances were refused.

— Unable to give a specific example?

One convicted (received a life imprisonment for the rape of a young child) written appearance about the case in the Vologda region. I couldn’t not take it. Arrived from Cherepovets employees of the investigation. I just told them that the story is questionable (probably about the crime he himself from anyone in the chamber heard). They talked — and so it proved. But they got some clues to continue the investigation.

— The “Bitsa maniac,” you confessed to the unsolved crimes?

Yes. If memory serves, about ten. I recorded, sent to the investigating authorities, were contacted by investigators in Moscow. They conducted an investigation, said that he previously talked about these facts, but nothing is confirmed. In General, it turned out that he was wrong. Why? The Pichushkin wanted to exalt themselves. Kind of like the more victims, the more it will know, will go down in history. He would like to be the most bloody. Then during another of his story I told him and said, “don’t improvise”. Didn’t believe him.

— There were cases when a convict came to the investigating officers and then he took on a new crime in exchange for some concessions behind bars?

— We have something in the “Polar owl” privileges to those who wrote appearance, no. But investigators have the resources to change the mode.

— That is all from the fake can be good: and the consequence (cold cases that spoil the statistics, blamed on a convict, the case will close), and prisoner (it is in another colony, translate, organize him goodbye and something)?

— If you can, then I say nothing.

‘But why was the turnout? Indicators?

— I don’t want they were. Required to take and record — that’s done. To me some employees, according to rumors, did not take, even though it’s illegal.

— But look: before your arrival surrenders were 2-3 a year, and then they became much as 190!

— Never was 2-3. In 2008 wrote about 30 appearances, in 2009 — around 40 appearances. For 2010, I impute, they became more than a hundred. But that’s because the number of prisoners in the “Polar owl” has grown twice. In addition, some wrote from 10-20 appearances. Krasnoyarsk killer Abdul Zamanov texted me about 10 appearances, and they all confirmed. Perm homeless killer Andrew Boyarintsev also described the 10 episodes, and they also sort of confirmed.

The authority that the generals handed over

— Some of you convicts had confessed to the murder of Anna Politkovskaya?

— Nothing concrete on Politkovskaya or Paul Khlebnikov convicted never said. As far as I know, one of the prisoners at the time of his transfer to Butyrka gave some evidence about that. But not for me.

I don’t understand how I was credited the amount of surrenders on these high-profile cases. In the materials of my criminal case it is not. And so the media wrote that I was on the Internet looking for crimes in which they were forced to admit their wards. So now I have a computer, not that of the Internet. The TV and the antediluvian. When I came with a search warrant, then asked, “How are you living?”. Well that’s about it. Half my life I travel in the Caucasus held. Family, in fact, was not. In recent years he lived with a woman, but it began when the prosecution got away from me. As a result during the search seized 70 thousand rubles, which belonged to her (saved for a son’s wedding), and still did not return.

photo: Eva Markachev

— What started the whole story with false appearances?

— Convict Yuri Kuznetsov, a native of the city of Bryansk. It is criminal authority, guilty of the crimes for which he was sentenced to life in prison, not recognize. But in the colonies made 12 appearances in other episodes.

From a letter to Zhukov:

“I was sitting with Kuznetsov in the same cell. About him I can say he never lied, as the freedom was the leader of the Bryansk OPG and possessed authority in the colony enjoyed the respect of prisoners. He told me that for many years he had great contacts in the interior Ministry. He was a man who employed black real estate agents: killing people, selling their apartment. Kuznetsov and carried them through their cover of people from the interior Ministry.

He was told that he had done a lot of things illegal with these employees. And then he split. Without the support of the interior Ministry, Kuznetsov soon sat down, but he had one employee told me. And they forgot him in court for him to “solve” did not. It pissed him off, he said: “Once they arrived in cattle, that and I the same.” That’s why he wrote the surrender.

Then it began to come the big men from the interior Ministry, from Moscow. He told me that all the appearances checked, they confirmed, and that will soon be put to those who are familiar policemen. And so when the investigator Kolesnikov let me read the testimony Kuznetsova (where the accused Mandrykina in knocking out supposedly false surrenders), I was amazed. Then I thought that Kuznetsov’s partners in crime — the police found him and put pressure on him”.

It came to the staff of the Department of own safety of Ministry of internal Affairs. I did not penetrate. Then less you know, the better. But among the appearances was one on murder in Sverdlovsk. Kuznetsov told the following: in 1996 they made custom-made murder of the Ural entrepreneur and flunked two of his guards. It was a Sosnin, which in the dashing 90-s he was included in uralmashevsky team, but then legalized and became an entrepreneur. He had a conflict with crime Lord Pasha Feduleva. Sosnin was brought under goszaschitu, so those two guards in fact were not just guards, and the Riot police.

— So someone Sosnina passed at the top, it lists under goszaschitoy, secret, have access to them the unit?

– It appears so. People Feduleva took over, like they did. And then the confession Kuznetsova. It follows from this that the wrong people Packed. The case on the murder Feduleva just gave the court, because a confession had to check the General Prosecutor’s office. But all handed over to the investigator, who was investigating, although it is obvious that he has a direct interest.

By the way, the murder investigation Sosnina investigator Kolesnikov received from Lieutenant Colonel (was captain), and captains became generals. Plus they were given state awards. In General, Kuznetsov came and said that if I refuse to surrender to Sverdlovsk, then it will change mode.

And so he said that I allegedly had a psychological pressure, transferred it from camera to camera. Although if you take card of the convicted person and to see that no transactions, nobody touched him. The only way you can “neutralize” the turnout, which was disturbing. It was easier to lock me up, than to admit a mistake of the investigation and the specific high officials.

And Kuznetsov was transferred to the colony in Mordovia.

— What about the other prisoners that you write complaints?

In the case of only two blacksmiths and Zhukov, who sat with him in the same cell. Zhukov wrote about 80 surrenders. I have determined the charges for 28 of them. Kuznetsov, as I said, wrote 12, in four I was charged. I then on the court asked the question — what criteria do sampling? Why in some appearances I am guilty, the other not? And why all the other convicts who wrote to me appearance are not recognized as victims, and their appearance — fake? A lot of questions.

From the letter of Zhukov “MK”:

“Kolesnikov told me that if I give the necessary evidence on Mandrykina, that used to me a gothamite, and he’ll make sure that I was transferred from a cold to a warm Yamal region. Also I will be able to receive monetary compensation from the Federal penitentiary. If I don’t agree, then I transferred to a cell where I will break (all occurred in the detention center of Saint-Petersburg, where I was taken at one of my appearances).

The investigator told me a story about how just before me, in prison №1 of Ekaterinburg were brutally murdered by a pedophile — he was thrust into the anus of a wooden piece of floor. Kolesnikov asked me: “do you Want to repeat his fate?” I replied that I understood everything, and only asked to do confrontation, because I can’t lie to the eye”.

— What about the convicts wolves, and Golban, who also claimed that you were forced to write the turnout?

Wolves had changed his story so many times that in the end, the episode didn’t get to include in the case. Surrender Galbana confirmed, but it was another story: it used lethal weapons. It was not my team, and I nothing to do have not. The fact that the use of non-lethal weapons there is no denying, this was reported to the Prosecutor’s office and was told that violations of law had occurred. Then asked Galbana why he showed Mandrykina. He replied: “I except him, do not know anyone by name”.

— Why is there a version that you were forced to appearances, using convict Zhuravleva?

— It couldn’t be helped, I guess. He sat with Kuznetsov. Zhuravleva initially wanted to do another injured by my actions. But he wrote complaints to the Prosecutor General that he is forced to give me the testimony. And then it also made suspect. In fact, he held my accomplice.


Zhuravlev was convicted of the brutal murder of the judges, with whom he lived. He wrote a lot of appearances, including those who were on the wrong track to go from “the Polar owl”. It Zhuravlev repeatedly acted as a provocateur and wrote that knows about the details, about the circumstances of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya and Paul Klebnikov. But none of his information was not confirmed.

— I was charged with the article 286 part 3 of the criminal code “abuse of power”. Remember me with a bag on his head had flown to Yekaterinburg. As dangerous criminals. Funny… I asked to have my case considered the jury, but by the time changes were made to the law — and it became impossible. The process is for some reason classified. Gave me 3.5 years. Zhuravlev, too (but he’s got a life sentence).

— How were you in prison in a different capacity — not the employee, and the prisoner?

– I was sitting in Nizhny Tagil colony for former law enforcement officers. Not to say that jail was hard. The specifics of this life I know well. In what role are you there — sometimes not important. You know how they say the same prisoners: “We sooner or later will clear, and you will remain here”. This, of course, does not apply to those in “the Polar owl”. Now write complaints to your sentence. So we live in Kharp (and where else could I go?), in the permafrost.

Read the report from the colony “the polar owl” “the city of the doomed: disclosed is the motive the most notorious criminals in Russia”

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