Affordable food: food prices continued to fall

Food — a basic need of the human body, for which you have to pay. Given the decline in real incomes, residents of Russia to purchase food comes at a price, and mercilessly beat on the wallets of consumers. However, since June, the citizens noticed that began to spend on products less: average market price of the food basket fell by 12%.

According to the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat), the average cost of food set in Russia dropped to 3 thousand 729 rubles. Reduce the cost of the food felt as consumers of Moscow, the price of edible baskets decreased by 12.5% to 4 541 thousand rubles, and St. Petersburg, where a set of products fell by 8.85% to 4 thousand 584 roubles, follows from the calculations of statisticians.

Thank you for the fact that the prices have gone down, I must say harvest. A seasonal price decline for fruits and vegetables favorable impact on the cost of citizens. Noticed a trend in the decline and customers of the trade network “Pyaterochka”, where the cost of pradarshini was even less than the national average. Price prodnabor in Moscow stopped around 3 856 thousand rubles, which is 15% less than the cost calculated by Rosstat. In “Pjaterochka” located in the Northern capital, food basket cost 4 194 thousand rubles, 9% less than the figure recorded by statisticians.

Drivers nationwide decline in prices of steel vegetables and fruit. Only one potato fell by 18.9%. The cost of the carrots also demonstrated a rapid decline of minus 18.4 per cent. Onions sold is 21.7% less, and the cabbage and apples were off 7.8 per cent and 16.6 per cent respectively.

Note that the stores of a large retailer, the cost of the above-mentioned and other goods was even smaller. For example, the price of sunflower oil was below the average for the country at 32%. Kilogram of cabbage sold cheaper by 27% and wheat flour by 15%. Carrots in a “roundabout” was worth 13% less potatoes by 12%, and the apples and sugar as well as chilled and frozen chicken cost 19% less than the average for the Russian market.

The retailer said: “For Russia, the index of “the five” (the ratio of the value of prodnabor on average prices in the stores and the cost of a set of Rosstat. — “MK”.) in September was at the level of 96%, 85%, St. Petersburg – 91%”.

For clarity: if the buyer has collected a set of food in the stores “Pyaterochka” 33 of the most affordable in their products, edible basket cost him 40-50% less than the average cost of a set designed by the statistical office.

Lyudmila Fradkina

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