“Almost half of Ukrainians have called that corruption is the main problem of the country

– 90% of Ukrainians believe corruption is very common in the country, according to a survey conducted by Fund “Democratic initiatives” name Ilka Kucheriva and the firm Ukrainian Sociology Service.

“90% of surveyed citizens identified corruption very common, 44% called it the biggest public issue in Ukraine, 36% – a serious problem”, – summed up the results of the survey on a press-conferences on Tuesday in Kiev, the Director of the Foundation Iryna Bekeshkina.

“It’s interesting that the Ukrainians condemn corruption at the top, however, they prefer to give bribes to resolve any issues or resolve any questions. I want to note that if we do not fight corruption in the lower ranks, to fight corruption at the top would be impossible,” she said.

Bekeshkina noted that Ukrainians named the most corrupt bodies of the courts (52%), as well as the Parliament, Prosecutor’s office, the government, customs and hospitals.

According to the survey, 40% of Ukrainians believe that to fight corruption is unrealistic, and 30% believe it is real. According to respondents, the most effective repressive methods – the conviction and serving a prison sentence corrupt. However, half of the respondents noted that, in their opinion, this method of fight against corruption as the increase of salaries to officials will be ineffective.

Answering the question about corruption in medical institutions, 16% of respondents said that over the past three years had paid bribes to doctors.

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