Attempt on Putin, Osmayev told about the death of “Chechenisation” AquaWay

In the village of glevaha, near Kiev on the eve of the attempt on eks-the commander of the “battalion named Dzhokhar Dudayev” Adam Osmayev. This unit fought in the Donbass on the side of the Ukrainian army. The result was the murdered wife of gunman — well-known in Russia, Amina Okueva.

Reporters found Osmaev in the hospital, where he was taken shortly after the attack. The man said that after they passed the railway crossing, in their car opened fire.

According to Osmayev, he hit the gas and tried to escape, but a bullet apparently hit the engine, causing the car stalled. Sitting in the passenger seat Okueva died at the scene — the bullet hit her in the head.

Adam Osmayev had previously appeared in criminal case about preparation of attempt at life of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and later Ukrainian court cleared him of the charges.

Ethnic Ukrainian Amina Okueva was born under the name Natalia Nikiforova, in the early 2000s, she converted to Islam and married a Chechen fighter, which was subsequently destroyed. The same fate was prepared and her second husband — also a fighter.

A few months ago in Kiev, an attempt was made on her third husband — Osmayev. The “Chechenenergo” (he called himself Okueva – MK) picked up a premium gun and disarmed the killer.

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