Case “naanovo boy”: the moral harm beneficial not guilty, the judge said the withdrawal of

Olga beneficial, the defendant in the case of resonant road accident in Balashikha, does not recognize the fact that it caused parents shot to death Alyosha-pecuniary damage. She stated this at the next meeting.

Flared at the hearing, and some interesting touches from the biography of the defendant, for example, that it has the category of locksmith, and the ill-fated car bought on credit. Out of the meeting altogether unexpected – the representative of the victim has an objection to the judge.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

On the summons-in-law Alisovoy petitioned the lawyer of the defendant. For a long time to find cousin Olga did not have – Galina willingly goes to almost every meeting in order to support daughter-in-law.

– We with Olga have lived in the same apartment for 8 years. She’s a wonderful person. I did three operations on my feet, and only Ola I am grateful that walk on their feet. It was running between hospital, work and home, put me feet, I almost cried the woman in a courtroom.

The experiences of Olga due to an accident in-law described as:

“We Corvalol bottles dragged, she didn’t eat didn’t drink these days…”

– How has your daughter reacted to the news that the boy’s blood found alcohol? – asked the lawyer of the defendant Natalia Kurakina

She said, “I don’t believe it”.

The lawyer of Alisovoy also asked to attach to the case documents pertaining to her client. Among others was a diploma that proves that Olga was trained at the mechanic on repair of industrial equipment. Upon graduation, she was awarded 3 category. Was in the documents and certificate of participation track and field-marathon — as it turned out, in adolescence, the defendant defended the honor of his native city at the event.

All these certificates are finally pissed off the father of the deceased boy Roman Shimko. The judge he asked:

– Tell me, but if I knocked down a kid, my certificates from the Minister of defence, the Governor, other awards, too, would have helped me knock off time?

The remark of the judge turned into a joke, saying that some defendants even incorporate data about their ancestors ‘ involvement in the Pugachev rebellion.

Most of the questions in-law Olga Alisovoy were asked on the material condition of their family. This was due to the fact that in the next stage the judge had to consider a civil suit for 10 million (non-pecuniary damage) and 61 thousand (payment of funeral) from Roman Shimko.

– I don’t know from which money is Olya will be such amounts to pay – wailed the woman. She was the sole breadwinner of our family. From the property its only expensive thing is the same “Hyundai Solaris”, and he was taken as a loan. Parents Oli people too poor: mother is a nurse, father odd jobs in Moscow.

And can you explain what funds you will pay such an expensive lawyer? And where did the money for a commercial examination? – again flared up the novel.

But all these issues are gradually removed by the judge as irrelevant.

When the queue to Express their attitude to the civil suit came to Olga Alisovoy, she explained that the material claims recognized in full, but the moral — no. Even partially!

– That is, it seems that as a result of your actions not injured, was caused by mental suffering? – said the judge.

– I believe it was an accident, ‘ replied beneficial.

The judge then asked Roman to tell about the moral condition of their families after the loss of a child. “Sorry, I understand that is a difficult question, but ask it to require procedural rules”.

It turned out that after the tragedy the wife of the Novel was treated in the clinic of the neuroses, still it is observed from psychologists. And the man began to stutter.

– I was treated in several military hospitals, on hand as the med card is only one. Of we’ll get the others soon. It is difficult to convey what we experience now. Our life with the departure of the son is broken.

After hearing all the parties, the judge was ready to move on to the debate. But the representative of the Novel Valery Zubov has any statement — he decided to request the recusal of the presiding officer. I must say that this statement was not unexpected – this is the solution side of the victims said at the last meeting. Reasons for removal of Teeth found set.

But most of the victims are outraged that the judge dismissed all of their stated application. Recall that at the last meeting, they demanded the return of the case to the Prosecutor for subsequent Union with another case under article “negligence”, the call on interrogation of the expert kleimenova, attaching to the case of several independent expert opinions.

I must say that the judge Secon rejected not only the procedural requests of the aggrieved party. For example, during today’s meeting, the lawyer Olga Alisovoy said at least five applications. She asked the court to conduct a re-investigation experiment, to appoint a second technical examination, request operator’s entry of telephone conversations between Alisovoy and her friend, to call in for questioning the administration of Balashikha And all applications Kurakin was also refused.

Therefore, when the lawyer of the accused heard the statement of disqualification of a judge, she gladly supported. Perhaps, in this process, it was the only time when both parties were in agreement.

To solve the issue of its objection, the judge went to the consultative room. 20 minutes later he read out a response – “the statement to refuse.”

November 8, the parties shall proceed to the debate.

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