Choose orthopedic mattresses

One of the favorite places of course the bed. And for the comfort of sleep and rest you need to choose a mattress-preferably orthopedic.

The company “DremLine” is one of the largest Russian manufacturers, although it is considered a young company (founded in 2007), has established itself as a quality and honest producers of mattresses, bedroom furniture and accessories.

Own production units for mattresses makes them affordable. Filling materials springless mattresses are procured from domestic and foreign partners. Packing line equipped with modern equipment of lay springless mattresses in rolls.

Filler for mattresses Drimlayn factory are latex (artificial and natural), coconut, spring loaded devices, fillers of various Memorexa and their modification.

When choosing a mattress, consider the following options:

– weight;

– the age of the person;

– physiological specificity (preference for hard surface or soft as a feather bed).

All these parameters are taken into account when producing more than 200 types of mattresses that can be found on the website of the company. The Dreamline mattresses can be ordered in custom size.

Distinctive features of products Drimlayn:

– quality production (Swiss technological processes and equipment of European quality service certification);

orthopedic effect, contributing to relaxation of the muscles of the body, not curved spine;

– eco-friendly and safe raw material used in production, certified by European certificates.

– all products listed in the directory hypoallergenic, but there is a possibility you are hypersensitive fillers, so making a purchase, ask composition;

on all ruler of the goods factory gives a standard two-year guarantee, there is the opportunity extended to 10 years, subject to the operational rules;

– goods firms Drimlayn have a modern design.

Mattresses are available in budget and premium, which makes it possible to meet any customer needs.


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