Coming out freed Kevin spacey from the burden in my soul

The news that the star of “house of cards” Oscar winner Kevin spacey was trying to seduce 14-year-old was supplemented by another shocking news — a statement the actor about his homosexual. But support spacey is not received. Moreover, many suspected the actor that uses it coming out to divert attention from the topic of pedophilia. So whether it’s, “MK” has learned from sexologists.

A frame from the video

– Coming out popular, as it frees people from some of the cargo from scriptella. Man opens, with nothing to live in the future much harder than before. Specifically, the motives of the actor are not known to us and we can’t take on the role of investigators that he was trying to hide. – said the Professor, sexologist, PhD, President of the National Institute of psychology and sexology Lev Shcheglov. – In Western society is not quite consensus to make confessions about sexual orientation. Someone taking it easy, while others are annoyed and hostility.

But this statement the actor opposite drew attention. If pedophilia was, relative to his own orientation. If he wanted to divert attention, he had to insist that straight. Eliminating the possibility of molesting a teenager. And it is the opposite, confessed and even brought my deepest apologies. So here distraction is not visible.

– And what is due to the popularity of coming out?

– Scandalous. All of the strange and unusual in our everyday life, especially those related to the intimate sphere, always attracts the layman, it is the law. The common man is very interesting. Sex, success, achievement, aggression, and endless themes to use. In addition, due to such strange members of Milonov, Mizulina, the strange fuss around the movie “Matilda” for the Russian reader, viewer or listener is excessively inflated by these activists.

Before the students the word homosexuality did not know and did not understand. Today it has become an obsessive theme. Some especially impressionable teenagers begin to suspect himself of some horror. Parents in horror drag them to psychologists, psychiatrists. Imposed theme.

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