“CSKA lost the fourth match in the UEFA Youth League

– Players of CSKA Junior team was defeated by peers from the Swiss club Basel in the match of the fourth round of the group stage of the UEFA Youth League.

The meeting, held Tuesday at the field of the Swiss, ended with the score 4:2 in advantage “Basel”. In this team that scored Noah Okafor (32-I minute), Dominik Schmid (33), Atomico Pululu (83), Nicola Suter (86). CSKA 73rd minute goal was scored by Ilya Oleinikov, in the 87th – Vitaly Zhironkin.

Thus, the team suffered four defeats in four matches and didn’t earn any points, takes the fourth place in their group. In the first place is the English “Manchester United” (8) points, the second – “Basel” (7), the third – the Portuguese “Benfica” (6).

Starting with the season 2013/14, in the framework of the UEFA Champions League tournament youth teams for players under the age of 19 years. It involved the same 32 teams that are represented in the group stage of the main European competition. Play a second team in the group phase on the same calendar, and basic commands. And playoffs matches consist of just one game and already separate from the main tournament grid.

On Tuesday, Switzerland will play the main team Basel and CSKA. The meeting kicks off at 22:45 GMT.

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